healing arises within a loving space

"Again, Barbara, thank you so much for helping me today. I am so grateful for your CranioSacral support. I feel like now that I have tapped into the meat of this pain it will continue to unravel (like you said) and my intention is to be that loving space for it. I can tell that working with you has increased my capacity to be that loving space and that is just incredible.  To deeply know peace and rest seems like all I have ever wanted. It seems that all of my distractions have been ill-adjusted attempts to know this peace. How innocent is that! All of my ill-fated ventures into delusion, confusion, drug addiction, unhealthy relationships, etc. were just innocent attempts to find this peace. To find this love. How wonderful." 

- Abby Pingree Hospice Nurse, Mother, Writer

CranioSacral Client

Barbara helped me hit the reset button

"I began CranioSacral Therapy because I had been pushed beyond my limits for over a year. I was always stressed out, unable to relax, and wasn't coping well with day to day tasks. Although I didn't know it when I began, my nervous system had been heavily compromised, and Barbara was able to help me hit the reset button. Since starting therapy with her, my anxiety levels have dropped drastically. I am able to relax more easily, and go through the typical ups and downs of life with small children and a stressful job. I am incredibly grateful to Barbara for her help. I don't know where I would be without her!" -- R.S. Seattle, CranioSacral Client

One eustachian tube is completely open

“Thanks so much Barbara. It was a pleasure meeting you. My ears and sinuses are feeling much better. One eustachian tube is completely open and the other is still partially blocked, and it is softening and opening. I have been experiencing a more loving and gentle approach, it seems to be helping my face and ears to relax.”

W.M. Seattle, CranioSacral client.

We are not alone

"My session today was very unique. Regarding my health struggles, I had been reflecting for several days prior on the difference between surrendering, giving up, and working hard. Today I experienced somatically what it means to surrender. Barbara brought my attention to a gentle rocking movement that was happening in my body and guided me into an experience of connecting my pain to my heart and the heart of the earth/universe. It was beautiful and I continued to reflect on it for hours. Not your typical reflecting...Reflecting in a very embodied and connected way.  It was a profound shift for me to literally feel the heart of the earth/universe and mine seemingly flowing as one. We are not alone. It is only a matter of allowing, letting what is be, breathing, and deeply trusting. Profound. Thank you Barbara."

—C.W. Seattle, CranioSacral client

I have my life back!

"I have lived with chronic pain for over 15 years. I knew meditation would help, but was never successful at controlling my focus until I met Barbara.  A few years back when my neighborhood community was violently attacked, I was given a gift.  I found myself traumatized by the event and its aftermath. My emotional and physical body suffered. After engaging with Barbara’s Body Healing Meditation, I was able to meditate releasing pain and suffering in a way never before possible.  

More recently, I suffered a flare up resulting in months of immense daily pain. My CranioSacral healing with Barbara has brought me to an understanding that I hold onto other’s emotional pain in a physical way.  She guided me through a breathing exercise, which I have found extremely useful and portable.  I do the focused breathing throughout my day and anytime my pain peaks or flares.  It works!  Pain levels have dropped from “8’s” to “2’s”!  Thank you Barbara! You have changed my life and given me a profound and enduring gift."

- T.A., Seattle
Workshop Participant and CranioSacral Client

 my anxiety has been much easer to manage

I’ve been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks for most of my adult life, and have worked with therapists to sort out the cause and lessen my symptoms. A brief encounter with CranioSacral Therapy, CST,  gave me a glimpse into the modality's deeply relaxing benefits. Shortly thereafter, I scheduled my first session with Barbara. 

While what she has helped me to achieve is somewhat difficult to put into words, I can now say that it is easier to "get out of my head.” I appreciate that this bodywork doesn’t require heavy intellectualization/analyzation, and instead directly addresses energy flow and the body’s response. Barbara has guided me in feeling more fully present by fostering a space of acceptance and giving me the tools required to recreate that internal environment on my own. As a result of CST, my anxiety has been much easer to manage. Thank you, Barbara, for all you are and all you do!

- S.K.,Kirkland, WA

CranioSacral client

"Working with Barbara has helped me navigate a serious, chronic health challenge. After each session with her I feel refreshed, balanced, and ready to confront this challenge with all my strength.”

- L.C., Seattle
CranioSacral Client

Barbara is instrumental to my personal growth

"I initially contacted Barbara looking for relief from some long-standing health and pain issues. She’s been effective in that regard, and she’s also helped me through other health-related incidents that were extremely taxing both physically and emotionally. Barbara is a wonderful meditation coach, an empathetic listener and a source of great knowledge about other modalities and paths, some of which I’ve explored to positive effect.

I count Barbara as instrumental to my personal growth and to helping me get to where I am today, which is a place of greater comfort and ease in my body. Thank you, Barbara! You are a gift to all of us who work with you."

- Sarah W., Seattle
CranioSacral Client

"Barbara’s work allows and facilitates the experience of spaciousness so that one can absorb and transform the health challenge, allowing a unique realignment, expansiveness, and healing." 

- Natalie Pascale Boisseau, Acupuncturist, Innate Radiance Acupuncture & Wellness 
CranioSacral Client

I now appreciate my healing journey

"Barbara's extensive knowledge and skill with CranioSacral Therapy  is extraordinary. Before I met Barbara, I suffered from daily headaches and physical trauma from an accident. Instead of viewing my painful headaches as annoying and frustrating, I now appreciate my healing journey with gratitude for their gifts of wisdom. Because of her CranioSacral, heart centered awareness, and thought provoking insights, I made continual progress. My headaches became a fleeting memory and the motion to my neck returned. If you are seeking physical and emotional relief or intuitive guidance for stressful circumstances in your life, you will enjoy healing with Barbara in her tranquil Seattle sanctuary."

- Karen Andersen, Seattle
CranioSacral Client

Each Craniosacral session was my haven

"I remember my first phone interview with Barbara: I told her I wasn’t ready to work on any of my emotional “stuff” and just wanted to concentrate on my physical healing. She graciously agreed, and never pushed in the next three months of spiritual transformation that occurred in my life.

The space she held open for me each session was my haven to bring out and examine the radical growth that I experienced in between office visits. I worry about alienating more rational brains with New Age language, but Barbara is truly a healer on all levels. My jaw pain is greatly diminished, my consciousness has been blown wide open, and my pressure headaches are gone. Barbara, thank you so much for all you’ve done."

- Robin Alberg, Educator, Mother
CranioSacral Client

 I leave my CST sessions feeling renewed,
relaxed and better able to face the world.

"Barbara works from a place of peace, both literally and figuratively, and from the moment I step into her presence and the garden she lives inside (you have to see her space to understand how soothing it is!) I feel safer and calmer. She has a way of finding the pain that is calling out from deep within and bringing it forward to deal with. At the same time, I always feel like she adapts to meet whatever I'm dealing with in my current life that impedes me, whether physically or emotionally."

- Pearl Klein, Writer, Pearl Klein
CranioSacral Client


"Barbara is highly intuitive. I was impressed by how tuned in to my body she was while working. I really enjoy my treatments with Barbara. The deep meditative state from which she works induces a similar meditative relaxation in me. Not only did I feel the pain in my body dissipate, but I also felt a deep inner peace that lasted for days. It is truly a blessing to know and work with Barbara."

- Jenna Beam, Acupuncturist, Health Discovery Acupuncture
CranioSacral Client