Sacred Body Skills private Mentorship

You seek a skilled teacher to guide you through the intricacies of healing.

Over Skype I offer a powerful, enlightening partnership where you'll not only explore in-depth healing skills and learn transformative practices but you'll also weave and develop your own body healing language so that you can provide ongoing healing support to yourself and others.

With well over twenty years of experience as a CranioSacral therapist, body worker and healer I offer expert level knowledge and a strong intuitive approach that caters to your way of cultivating sacred body healing.

A bit about my approach:
My method of healing is for fellow practitioners as well as people looking for personalized support coming home to their Body,Soul, and Heart.

The process: opening all of yourself into your original wholeness by allowing the unfolding expression of your Soul.

The challenge: your greatest health issue is the doorway to be united with Source. It’s your birth right and your destiny to learn self acceptance, grace and live your spiritual purpose. Your power is right here within your body as your teacher. It's my honor to guide you here.