Craniosacral Meditation trio

* Guided relaxation PACKAGE *

When you are balanced and grounded you can easily access peace within your body.

CranioSacral Meditations is a series of 3 short guided relaxations
designed to help you soothe your body and unwind tension and pain. 

These meditations perfectly supplement CranioSacral Therapy.

As you relax your body aligns and balances. 

Sample a preview of the Craniosacral meditation trio

"Oh my, just did the guided sublime.
I love your soothing voice and complete inward attention to the heart and body...really helps." - B.H.

When you purchase this Meditation Trio, you'll instantly download 3 short guided relaxations ranging from
5 to 12 minutes to easily fit into your day. Each thoughtfully designed to deepen your connection with your health by balancing your body to create relaxation and peace.


“I’m amazed with this centering midline practice! In just 15 to 45 seconds I notice my body balancing.”  
-L. H., Client & Occupational Therapist, Seattle

“ In a few minutes I feel relaxed without Parkinson medication and I notice waves of happiness.”
-M.L. Client, Seattle 

It works! 

“I do this focused breathing throughout my day and especially anytime my pain peaks or flares.  
It works!  Pain levels have dropped from “8’s” to “2’s”!  Thank you Barbara!”
-T. A. CranioSacral Client, Seattle

“Barbara, your soothing voice and body practice helps me focus and let go of the anxieties of the day.
It’s truly a nurturing experience.”
-D. M.  Client, Carnation, WA

Body Healing Meditations is right for you if...

•    You want relief from frustrating physical limitations
•    You want to experience true relaxation and calmness
•    You want to take better care of yourself
•    You want to live with less worry and anxiety

Guarantees & Refund Policy

I can't guarantee your symptoms, including pain, will go away 100%. 
I can however promise that if you use these relaxations you'll have a transformational body experience.
Please purchase mindfully as no refunds are given. 

barbara coon

About barbara coon,
Creator of Body Healing Meditations

I'm Barbara Coon, a teacher of the healing arts and expert level CranioSacral Therapist offering local treatments to pain bound folks living in the Seattle area. 

After 20+ years of treating physical dysfunction and emotional distress I sought to create simple, portable tools to help clients improve their level of functioning and vitality and their ability to relax. 

These guided relaxations will help you ease discomfort, create healing and vitality.

“With Barbara’s help I learned how to breathe to help my body release pain caused by MS and a bulging disc.”
-M.L.  Client, Seattle