CranioSacral Healing 

If you'd rather live more spaciously than wound up in tightness... then it's time we work together.

For 27 years my Seattle based practice has consistently welcomed clients with a singular frustration: "No matter what they try, nothing works!" My CST sessions include training with Body Healing Practices Workbook which makes my approach completely different from others in the field of CranioSacral Therapy. 

"Working with Barbara has helped me navigate a serious, chronic health challenge. After each session with her I feel refreshed, balanced, and ready to confront challenges with all my strength.” - L. C., Seattle

I partner with the body to ease physical challenges.

You see, CranioSacral Healing approaches symptoms as the body's wisdom, not something to get rid of. 

I will also teach you how to regulate your pain and stress, so you can consciously experience your body, finding the message within your challenge.

If you are looking to understand your habits and want to learn something to use in your everyday life, then my work is for you. 

Are you ready to feel radiant with more energy?

Schedule an in-person session in my Seattle based practice HERE.


"I worked with Barbara before and after I was in a car accident that left me traumatized and exacerbated my chronic migraines. Her calming and skillful CranioSacral sessions helped me physically and emotionally heal as I regained my strength and well being. I always felt more relaxed, refreshed, and more available for life after a session with Barbara.

She was also a great resource and provided recommendations for chiropractic care and acupuncture. Today I am recovered and cannot begin to express my gratitude for the craniosacral therapy. I am so glad I took the time to recuperate and highly recommend Barbara's craniosacral work. CST is gentle and very complimentary with other modalities, and the best part is that I could do it right away after the accident to start the healing process."

- Karilen Mays, Consulant, Holacracy One


"I find Barbara's work to be highly refined and sensitive to subtle movements and energies. After a session I feel open, lighter, and ready to meet the challenges of my life with ease. The world around looks brighter and friendlier! I greatly admire Barbara's ability to surmount her health challenges as she maintains her focus on service to her clients' healing. I am grateful to be able to know Barbara, and to receive her work."

- Connie Amundson DC,  Ki Chiropractic