when you are feeling fear in the body

When my sister and I were growing up I thought I was the only one feeling fear in the body. Feeling fear was normal, along with the butterflies, stomach aches and food sensitivities.  It's taken years to find my way back to center.  

My commitment is to keep a light burning each day for my sister. This candle will be casting light on her passage from fear's grasp back home to herself.

Grieving over my dear sister has taken me through these stages of healing: paralysis, outrage empathy and empowerment. I was paralyzed by not being able to talk her through it. I was outraged when she repeatedly did not make good decisions. I became empathetic as she spiraled all the way down.

The truth is empowerment found me and guided me through this journey. My voice is now stronger while she has lost her own.

When you are feeling fear in the body remember this:

Look in the mirror. Speak the Truth. Yes, you and everyone of us is "so beautiful inside and out."

In our highest and lowest moments. In our raw-ness, our messed-up-ness, in-our-brilliance. Each moment our experiments to Live Life takes tremendous courage to keep going.

Yes, the most difficult place to live is separated from the Truth. When we are we are Lost, we are lost to ourselves and to Life.

Yes, it's so difficult to watch, feel and weep when someone we love is suffering.

I, You and We Are All Making A Difference right now by showing up in our Life and thus showing up for my sister. Healing for my sister is here right now.

Each one of our thoughts forms a Stream of everything Good and True. This breath, this beating heart, this body, this precious mind.

Right now are you willing to show up in your life? Leave a Yes! below in the comments.