what's good for baby is good for you

An ergonomically shaped sleeping nest is like being in the womb.

While baby Taylor is receiving CranioSacral Therapy to improve his sleeping experience, relieve gas pain, and nurse pain free at home he is sleeping in the Cocoonababy® nest.

The French obstetricians have created a womb like nest that cradles newborns during the first four months of life. Originally designed for premature babies,  Cocoonababy®  supports full term babies in a semi fetal position that keeps the spine curved to help sleep and improve reflux. As babies adapt from a nautical environment to gravity, it allows back sleeping in a way that lowers SIDS. Watch this videoto learn more about the research behind using the nest to create a calm and peaceful sleeping space.

Is it any surprise that resting in the fetal position is calming and deeply relaxing?

During your CranioSacral  session, the Zero Gravity chair holds your body in an aquatic position supporting the release of layers of tension. As you relax, you will feel so comfortable and light.

Whether you  relate to inducing the safe fluid environment of the womb or NASA's microgravity research, you've got to feel the healing benefits. Over the last month I observed my clients dropping into a deep lasting flow state, releasing physical stress from the jaw, neck and low back while letting go of anxiety.

Remember to share this post with your friends and family as we are naturally at peace floating in the fetal position at any age.