What's Happening In Your Body

when the world is changing?

I feel pulled by the aftermath of the election.
Pulled up out of myself seeking answers to what happened.
Yesterday all I wanted to do was lie down on the earth and weep.

With all the uncertainty, chaos and emotions, turning to human connection, soothing words and safe touch brings me back. Being in relationship with myself and others is my way.

Right here in my body I know where I am.
I am unified --body and heart while
observing my mind.
Weariness can be here.
Anger can be here.
Most of all love for myself and others is here.

From center I am grounded in truth.
Truth lives within.
The truth is we are not alone.
Our thoughts and actions effect one another.

Begin with kindness.

What is emerging is an unified front.

One that self protects.
One that self regulates.
One that is not swayed by the majority.

Listen to your inner voice.
Emergence fosters understanding
respect for one another.

We are here to help one another.