Fireworks, Screams and Ears

Sometimes it takes a series of events for clarity to appear. Recently 3 events took place over 3 days to help me understand the relationship between plugged ears, loud noises and screaming babies. 1. One mom's bout with catching her child's daycare cold developed into 6 months of coping with the "insanity" of plugged ears. Her massage therapist suggested that if CranioSacral could help kids avoid ear tubes maybe CS could help open her ears.

2. Neighborhood fireworks exploded in rapid fire for the longest holiday of my life.

3. Parents of an 18 month old  little boy sought CranioSacral because of his distressing screams that were taking a toll on the entire families nervous systems.

Ears communicate emotions by opening or closing like a telescope. These highly sensitive organs are hardwired into the brain to interpret messages of safety, love and fear. What we hear can communicate life or death in a nano second.

In my neighborhood this year NOT hearing the onslaught of fireworks would have been a blessing. These nonstop explosions sounded like they were in the next room.

Within seconds babies started crying and our cat flattened herself and scurried across the floor and disappeared.  I was enraged with the invasion of our home and wildlife sanctuary. There was nothing celebratory about the next half hour. I began thinking about the range of emotions holidays bring up: excitement, fear, anger, and denial.

Opening plugged ears is one of my specialties. What I didn't realize until after the holiday weekend was that this little boy's ears could be closed down from the cranial dynamics of teething. He was doing his best to communicate his first life experience of teething pain.

Here's my 3 part solution:

1. CranioSacral works wonders with clogged or plugged ears by manually unwinding the eustachian tubes. Hearing through plugged ears can be alarming and worrisome. CranioSacral addresses the emotional component by resetting the lizard brain at the base of the head. The lizard brain can be retrained through calming the nervous system to let go of the past memories of fear, distress or pain.

2. Facebook provided a forum to protest how meaningless fireworks are in private neighborhoods where the needs of children, pets and wildlife are ignored for violence in the name of entertainment.

3.  CranioSacral rebalances the great forces involved with teething. Teething issues can be expressed in a variety of ways by children screaming, scratching their face or crying all night long. Teething tightens the jaw, neck and head in some children and can close down the eustachian tubes. This would explain why children communicate by screaming.

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photo by Lois Yuran Gore