slow down

Carry Love Into Each Day

My wish for you is to carry the loving spirit of the Holidays.


By slowing down.

By being kind.

By being fully present.


Can you feel yourself when you slow down?   Each time you listen to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations you are experiencing your whole heartedness.


Not everyone's Holidays are filled with laughter and light. Some are separated from family. Some are alone. Some are grieving. Above all be gentle with your precious heart.


As I reflect on this year, I am grateful for the gift that flows through my hands and heart. Through the gentle magic of touch, my clients feel goodness fill their bodies.  Everything is sacred.  I believe we are here to connect with the grace that always surrounds us.


Remember as you open your heart, your body absorbs goodness. The more you receive the essence of life the more you have to give. Goodness is true nourishment that sustains and heals.


I am grateful for you in my life. Our work together confirms the power of the human spirit.


May your New Year be filled with joy and peace.