self healing

When Pain Teaches You How to Heal

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your body is your home

How are you caring for your One precious self? 

Every experience you’ve been through was experienced in your body. Every disappointment, every joy and pain, no matter how small or heartbreaking.

Sometimes the pain is felt, digested and released. Many times when your safety has been threatened these experiences were imprinted within your body as emotional memory -- sculpting your muscles and tension patterns into your unique body.

I used to believe the goal of CranioSacral was to get to the bottom of every story I was carrying in my muscles, bones and cells.  As my own healing progressed I’ve learned that the story is my own interpretation.  It is not the truth of who I am.

Our cultural conditioning is to get rid of pain and symptoms. Each symptom holds an archetype or sacred gift that is here to teach self devotion. By practicing kindness for yourself and your healing you're accepting you as you are -- remembering you are whole.

listening to your body’s truth 

You desire to feel comfortable in your body.  As you become grounded in your unique body experiences including pain and your individual history you are learning self acceptance.

The magic of CranioSacral's conscious touch is being witnessed in silence as a vulnerable worthy divine human. Right here you are coming home….allowing the body’s imprinted stories to be witnessed without judgement. Right here you are seen and heard.


Hearing Our Bodies

Weaving together words and images

invoking memories within our bodies

to heal us with their teachings.

Words to open

to release

to share stories

for our own and other's healing.

May we be here with the messages

stirred up by each word

each woman has shared.

Some words spoken.

Some held in silence.

Symbols offered for our wholeness

our sanctuary

our becoming

our fullness marking this place

so that we may hear

what we have in common

even though our paths are unique.

I am grateful we have each chosen to be weaving

circles for healing. 

Your Soul Wants You to Heal

Healing is not necessarily about curing. As your inner light grows - anything is possible. ~Alberto Villoldo  

There is a healing force communicating more powerfully than you can imagine. Your soul calls healing to you.

Becoming quiet daily is required to heal.

Standing right here on the threshold of becoming whole--something I've desired is coming into form.

I've wanted to share my process with the world and yet all I can say is this: the moment I became aware that I was living between two worlds the choice was made for me.

Choosing love over fear has been a process of diving into the unknown to engage with my fear. Transformation was the result of this ardent pursuit.

Now that I am standing firmly in one world I can feel love reverberating in every one of my cells that I am whole.

As I continue to transform from the inside out, I know now that my autoimmune condition was the vehicle to teach me to heal.

My body is changing in demonstrative ways. So many feelings are woven into this place of gratitude and celebration.

I believe we are all motivated to feel good in our bodies especially when we don't.

Healing is being present to receive.

Entering into healing expands our capacity to be whole, to be light, to thrive.

One of my fundamental practices is to communicate with my guidance during or after a healing session.

On the way to my own healing session my heart contracted tightening up everything.

My mind didn't know "why" yet my body felt relieved to be in good hands as I found my way back to an open heart.

When I checked in with my body with a Body S.C.A.N by directing my heart's awareness to my body, I immediately received an answer: "your body is influx as your energy field is being rebuilt."

Rest is required to rebuild the home of your sacred body.

Choose carefully.

Being quiet daily is attending to your soul.

Nothing is wrong.

Pay attention to the grace bestowed upon you.

Drink in abundance, joy and peace.

Embody this precious gift. Thrive.

You must be still to hear the call.

The divine shadow is coming undone...unraveling fear housed in your pain body.

Becoming quiet daily is required to hear the call of your soul.

Hear the call.

Love comes in - in between the spaces.

Are you creating space to let love in?

Join me in the comments below.

my eye traces each ruffled blossom

my eyes trace each ruffled blossom bursting forth in pale pink. delicate, fullness nourishes my senses.

my deepest impulse is to stand under waves of black branches,

vibrating with beauty.

I enter the blessing above me.

walking softly, listening.

on a quiet snowy morning

a flock of robins moved into our urban habitat this week to forage.

once again my eyes capture the essence of a japanese water color.

snowy white softness contrasting graceful strength.

black japanese maple boughs harboring puffed red robins.

quiet beauty above with children laughing nearby.