resistance to healing

Resistance to Healing

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Your body is always seeking balance.

Every time you hurt, your body comes to your rescue with protective strategies to keep you safe and prevent further suffering.

Somehow these subtle corrections become emotionally melded together as ingrained patterns slowly shift your physical alignment. 

What arises as pain is the body's protection, presenting the road map for the release.

Once your body's suffering is welcomed rather than resisted, the body will let go of fear, tension, and stress.

You've been taught that letting go is desirable. 

Letting go creates a conflicting relationship with the body-mind.

Getting rid of a symptom is formed independently by the mind. 

Rejecting your body symptoms usually means nothing changes.

Resistance means pain persists.

You can't overcome resistance, as that's more resistance. 

And not wanting something to be there is also more resistance.

If only you could let go of your idea of how things need to be and trust your body.

Reaching out for support with CranioSacral is one way to listen to your body's intelligence. 

Allowing what is happening to be present releases resistance.

Allowing is a catalyst for letting love in.