pain teaches how to heal

When Pain Teaches You How to Heal

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your body is your home

How are you caring for your One precious self? 

Every experience you’ve been through was experienced in your body. Every disappointment, every joy and pain, no matter how small or heartbreaking.

Sometimes the pain is felt, digested and released. Many times when your safety has been threatened these experiences were imprinted within your body as emotional memory -- sculpting your muscles and tension patterns into your unique body.

I used to believe the goal of CranioSacral was to get to the bottom of every story I was carrying in my muscles, bones and cells.  As my own healing progressed I’ve learned that the story is my own interpretation.  It is not the truth of who I am.

Our cultural conditioning is to get rid of pain and symptoms. Each symptom holds an archetype or sacred gift that is here to teach self devotion. By practicing kindness for yourself and your healing you're accepting you as you are -- remembering you are whole.

listening to your body’s truth 

You desire to feel comfortable in your body.  As you become grounded in your unique body experiences including pain and your individual history you are learning self acceptance.

The magic of CranioSacral's conscious touch is being witnessed in silence as a vulnerable worthy divine human. Right here you are coming home….allowing the body’s imprinted stories to be witnessed without judgement. Right here you are seen and heard.