Your pain is a gateway back to health

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It's human to be fixated on what you’ve lost. 

Pain can keep you down or be the fuel to wake you up.

Healing is the willingness to observe yourself right here in the present

without an agenda to change anything.

Disarm the one within that believes she knows what's next.

Right here in your body, your whole self is met as you are.

Your health never leaves. It’s always alive in your body.

Are you willing to use your pain as a gateway back to health?

CranioSacral communicates with your original health present in your cerebral spinal fluids.

Your body's fluids are self organizing and self healing.

By shifting your focus onto your health, your own fluids can flow uninterrupted to nourish your nervous system.

In the midst of a great pain, I found my way back to health

by placing my hands on my soft warm body

listening to my breath.

Some teachers will tell you this heals trauma. This is true.

When you are willing to hold yourself as you are your health comes to meet you.

It’s your animal nature to lie close to another -- to hear your breath, feel your warmth,

to connect with love.

Begin with yourself. Feel your warmth. 

Hold your own heart, the great balancer and connector with your fluidity.

Give yourself time, as long as you need.

Give up all ideas on how to surrender.

What's next may not be visible until you exhaust all choices.

Wait. You will let go.

Here you will receive your own gifts.

Protect this liminal space where new growth is waiting to be born.

I held myself...

I waited....

The teacher came.

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