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Reset Your Nervous System

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Slowly my body began tightening up. As I listened to my body, creeping up sensations were shrinking my neck and upper back. I felt almost neck-less by not being able to turn to the right.

Your neck is comprised of multiple layers of fascia, highly innervated tissues, that extend from your forehead across the back of your head, neck and back body, down to the soles of your feet. Imagine layers that wrap lengthwise and diagonally crossing your heart including your arms and hands.

Everything is connected.

The strength and tenacity that resides within your core is comprised of deep fascial layers protecting your brain and spinal cord. 

Fascial tissues and fluids hold memories. Some are deeply held seemingly beyond the conscious mind while others are exciteable creating tension patterns that can be long term stiffness or surprisingly painful.

As a human being you are imprinted from birth for survival by keenly sensing danger as well as the reassurance of safety, love and connection. As a child your nervous system entrained or synchronized with your parent's nervous system. You can reset your nervous system from your early childhood default setting. 

The amygdala, located in the base of your head, accesses danger all throughout life. When you're stressed the amygdala doesn't know the difference between being stampeded by wild animals or negative thoughts or worrying. Regardless of the cause, the stress response is turned on 50 times a day according to Lissa Rankin M.D. Adding to the importance of maintaining cranial alignment for physical and emotional well-being.

CranioSacral Therapy resets your nervous system renewing your capacity to heal and dwell in wholeness. When we work together, you will have access to my new eworkbook Body Healing Practices filled with empowering self care tools.

I began CranioSacral Therapy because I had been pushed beyond my limits for over a year. I was always stressed out, unable to relax, and wasn't coping well with day to day tasks. Although I didn't know it when I began, my nervous system had been heavily compromised, and Barbara was able to help me hit the reset button. Since starting therapy with her, my anxiety levels have dropped drastically. I am able to relax more easily, and go through the typical ups and downs of life with small children and a stressful job. I am incredibly grateful to Barbara for her help. I don't know where I would be without her! -- R.S.