your very human brain

Our brains are complex, beautiful places, and it’s easy to understand how a blow to the head can cause problems in the whole body. What is a little more hidden is how different parts of the mind can set up unconscious patterns that work temporarily to protect you but often become habitual problems.

My husband and I have a standing joke about our cat Pandora: Once is a pattern!  It's also true for my own well intended sense of self protection. Now when I experience a questionable sensation in my body, I call on my inner detective rather than stressing out. Once you go into the stress response, you have turned off your self healing abilities. Being curious buys you precious time before being hijacked by anxiety.

The logical mind can serve you well, though if it spends time reminding you of past trauma, you will have trouble moving forward. I offer the Sacred Flow meditations with all CranioSacral Therapy in my Zero Gravity Chair to help move your thinking to a place where emotional intelligence can come into play more. The skill developed in Sacred Flow serves to move your mental processes to the heart center while opening the emotional intelligence centers in the brain. The goal is to quiet fear, worry, and anxiousness, none of which help with healing (though they are important tools for survival).

It is possible to shift the mind’s landing place. Working daily with the tools of Sacred Flow helps shift unconscious patterns and allow your body to do its healing free of the mind’s preconceptions.

Q & A:  What old patterns and habits are ready to dissolve? What preconceptions get in the way of your healing?

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my eye traces each ruffled blossom

my eyes trace each ruffled blossom bursting forth in pale pink. delicate, fullness nourishes my senses.

my deepest impulse is to stand under waves of black branches,

vibrating with beauty.

I enter the blessing above me.

walking softly, listening.

as a silent observer

I first see brilliant light illuminating a white japanese maple. An orchestra of light  spotlights the diminutive coral maple textures. Shape shifting soft angora leaves ready to stroke the breeze. As my body contacts the floor, the eastern sun fills me, warms my core. My breath raises my body towards the warmth that fills me. Ah.... today feel the sun penetrating your being. A rare pleasure... a blessing...a moment. What do you discover?

Winter Robins

Are you caring for your most precious self with time for the unknown?

Today slowing down reminded me that we live in worlds within worlds. We forget there is another way to be right now until we open a door. This morning I opened a door.

Seattle’s been on the edge waiting for a record breaking snow storm to land. Seeing snow out the window, I woke up knowing I could take my time. Inside looking out, the world was quiet. Snapping my parka over my PJ’s, I decided to video the falling snow.

I opened the door surprised to see imprinted evidence of birds visiting in the soft white snow gathering beneath my feet. Feeling the chill of the winter’s day on my bare legs, I gave myself space to explore what was present, the activity of life outside.

Birds had come knocking on my door. I heard them calling without consciously knowing they were in town. Without opening the door early this morning I would have missed what happened next. What appeared to be quiet was instead active.

The sky was filled with calling birds swooping down glimmering high wires of light. Our garden was under the spell of the snowfall. High above with snow falling to earth,the Japanese maple was dotted with red puffy breasted robins.. Stark black boughs holding shadows of light spoke to me of quiet strength. Feeling peacefully held in this moment, I sat facing a family of birds, resting together.

A retreat is a portal into a world within the your well known world. It takes the willingness to leave the day’s agenda to follow a calling. Known or unknown, it begins with by taking the first step off the worn path of habit’s and responsibilities. You are invited to go on a healing retreat into stillness.

On February 7th’s 12 Sessions By Phone or February 11th’s Live Retreat Into Stillness you will find the next doorway that’s ready to open.

Healing happens when we retreat from busyness with a willingness to listen to our body. In the peacefulness of a healing retreat you will honor the healing guidance of stillness, the wisdom of intentional movement and the deep healing potential of CranioSacral. Each group retreat is held in our light filled solarium surrounded by the garden’s seasonal beauty.

Retreat Into Stillness is a time for you to be present to all the inner worlds of your body, by opening doors to more ease, peace, and joy.