listening to the body

Pay Attention To Your Attitude


In August it's time to commune with the sun. Being at the ocean calms me as the tide's moving out. My exhale entrains with gulls swooping down toward the waves. Penetrating golden light is everywhere. My gaze follows the rise and fall of each wave absorbing the sun's healing light flowing into my cells.

The sun calls to me to listen to my body. The small voice within says "Healing is believing in your success."

Often chronic symptoms seem overwhelming. The greatest challenge I've had to overcome has been my own limiting beliefs. When I realized that healing is a practice that freed up energy to be easy on myself and do what I can.

With this reminder I scan my body. I am led to a place in my body where "yes" lives and where "no" lives. Both feel real and true... and I can choose. Being in choice is taking back your power.

Healing does not mean your body will be free from illness. Even when your body is suffering, you have the ability to intend to heal.

You have the strength to let go of what no longer serves you. Give up any habits that keep you bound in fear or worry. Your attitude towards yourself can give you energy for healing and your freedom.


Increase Your Capacity For Love

In the outer world we are standing together with love. With your own healing this is a call to increase your body's capacity for love.

What does this mean? Bringing kindness to yourself is an act of self love. On a practical level, when an emotion over rides the nervous system, turn off the news and give yourself space.

Give yourself 90 seconds. Yes, 90 seconds is the natural cycle of an emotion to become triggered, chemically surge through your blood steam and finally be naturally flushed out.

It's your biology to experience and release an emotion. If you push it away, stuff it for later, you will have to fight it over and over again.

Creating more tension,  more anxiety, more body constriction, more inflammation until a body signal becomes a syndrome. 

What's next?  Listen to your body and be present.

You are invited to join a free Listening Circle on Tuesday February 28th 7pm - 8pm .

We will meet by phone for this Introduction Call. Monthly membership will be available for your personal use at home and on the go.

Give your feelings space to rise up and release. Are you ready to practice listening to your body with my guidance? 

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Hearing Our Bodies

Weaving together words and images

invoking memories within our bodies

to heal us with their teachings.

Words to open

to release

to share stories

for our own and other's healing.

May we be here with the messages

stirred up by each word

each woman has shared.

Some words spoken.

Some held in silence.

Symbols offered for our wholeness

our sanctuary

our becoming

our fullness marking this place

so that we may hear

what we have in common

even though our paths are unique.

I am grateful we have each chosen to be weaving

circles for healing.