Your Independence is Here

independence here
independence here

In healing I've spoken often of a great unwinding. You may have experienced this too; when your life energy is ready to emerge through everything that has made you human.  

The moment will come when you can not resist the force of love.

Yes, I believe love heals. Plain and simple.

I think we stop our own healing by fearing the very experience we want to have.

I do not believe in fighting against whatever IT is. You fill in the blank.

After a GREAT unwinding with a client, I spontaneously wrote this poem for all of us unwinding our way home to love.

Your Independence is Here. © barbara coon

It's time to lay down the sword.
The battle is over.
Winning the fight is not the purpose of living.
I want you to know you did nothing wrong.
This life time came with the opportunity to learn self love.
Continue to mother yourself with loving kindness.
Your strength is here.
It's the wild force moving through your core.
Fear not.

Bring your wild nature here to be actualized.
Inhabit all of your heart and your mind.
Banishing all of your history, all of your struggles, and "less than" beliefs.
This is your time to rise.
Part ways with the past.
Your new story is being written between all the light and dark moments of each day.
Be at peace.
Open to the flow.
Your symptoms are merely habits.
Be at peace with yourself.
Your independence is here.
Open your arms to yourself.

Clarity is close by.
Your new life course is appearing.

Let me know how your life is going. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.