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Practice is My Prayer

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I will never take walking one step for granted. I bless my feet and legs for all they give me physically -- the ability to stand and to be mobile, independent and active.

I bless my feet and legs for supporting me right here standing up connected to life.

Each time I stand, I evaluate my footing and my connection. Today I stand tall, balanced,

and connected feeling the fluidity of my core.

My body’s normal has been replaced with what is true in this moment. The newness of each moment informs me as I listen to my body before I act.

A decade ago my healing intention was acting on an impulse to go for a walk — feeling the simple pleasure of being outside. Feeling the breeze on my face by merely walking from here to there is now a memory.

I am humbled by the moment. Noticing my body in this moment informs my choice. When I want to move, my body may feel a range of experiences: stiff, wobbly, cautious and careful or grounded, supple, and connected.

Each moment is new. Each moment is filled with sensations informing me to move or to be still and rest. I am accepting my slow life. I am able to be active through the simple practice of resting allowing me to begin again.

My burning desire is to walk hands free on my own without my walker.

My preparation for this ability is my spiritual journey: bringing my awareness within, mining my limitations for potential energy, and connecting more deeply with my body’s untapped resources.

Being grateful for my body’s limited physical abilities has been a process. Living with an autoimmune condition like MS is an initiation in self acceptance.

Practice is my prayer.

I am feeling my way through each day with the body healing practices I share with you.


A Pain In The Neck

You expect a lot from your neck. You want to be able to turn your head and neck freely to drive, or rest your head on someone's shoulder for support, or focus in one position when you're working on the computer. If you're living life you’ve probably felt neck pain.

Since Western society honors the mind and logic above all else, we have been conditioned to push through — to ignore that the body is smart. Instead we have kept our minds and bodies separate. One of my colleagues names separateness as the basic of disease. Healing is a return to oneness.

Your body continually communicates emotions through sensations. Your neck will immediately feel tight, kinked, or twisted to get your attention. Do you listen and respond? Or do you push through? Maybe you begin wondering what caused the kink? We usually start analyzing our sleep and examining the pillow, bed or couch before we look further.

Our necks and our voices are avenues of expression that communicate our thoughts and our emotional experiences.  

Observe your language. Are you describing your experience with any of these?
I'm spacey....distracted....can't focus.
I just erupted. I don't understand where this came from.
I can't tolerate being a passenger in the car.
I'm exhausted. I’m not getting anything done.
Tylenol isn't taking the edge off.
It's been days now and my body won't relax.

All of this is code for the mind body connection.
Your words communicate the universal feelings of neck discomfort .

Check in with your body right now. Scan your body from your head down to your feet. How does your neck feel?

Test drive my body scan tool. BE centered and grounded in 3 minutes here.

Hearing Our Bodies

Weaving together words and images

invoking memories within our bodies

to heal us with their teachings.

Words to open

to release

to share stories

for our own and other's healing.

May we be here with the messages

stirred up by each word

each woman has shared.

Some words spoken.

Some held in silence.

Symbols offered for our wholeness

our sanctuary

our becoming

our fullness marking this place

so that we may hear

what we have in common

even though our paths are unique.

I am grateful we have each chosen to be weaving

circles for healing. 

Our Bodies Are Not Our Own


After Paris I wept. 

I couldn't focus on anything.

Overnight my body went into a great twist.

When I awoke my heart ached for he senseless suffering of it all. 

Was I in this place to revisit a pivotal moment?  

Maybe I was here along with the world to heal?

Maybe this time I will feel what I don't want to feel.

Maybe the numbness will melt away so truth will show her face.

Our bodies are not our own.

Our bodies are a road map of life.

War is our depression.  

Famine is our self deprivation.

Terror is our hatred. 

Our bodies are the world's flesh.

We are made of the same blood, bones and waters that create life.

May we carry life forward together in the name of peace.

May we be one family.

Listen to M Justice read my poem below.


Are You Willing to Meet the Teacher?

One of the challenges with healing your body is having patience to feel. Another one is learning acceptance for your own habits and patterns. If your current health issue has been formed by both the stresses and joys of living life, are you willing to meet the teacher?

There are many sayings when facing a health challenge such as you've got to tough it out or keep fighting to get your health back. Choose your words wisely. War strategies don't heal your body. This language implies that your body is the enemy holding your health captive. And to conquer this internal enemy you must destroy an elusive force that is holding you back.

What if this force was here to guide you forward?  It's time to make friends with your past, the sacred holder of who you are today.

If how to's worked with healing the body we all would be able to return to health in 5 easy steps or with these quick tips. Do you buy into the promise of doing x, y, or z rather than being present with what is happening now?

Have I told you I don't believe in being fixed? Even though you want what ever is slowing you down to go away, don't you want the ability to feel vitality, peace and calm? Feeling uncomfortable or unsettled is feedback to course correct. The difference between fixing and healing is your willingness to explore your symptom's message.

Peter's story with chronic fatigue illustrates the rewards of seeking deeper emotional and physical healing. He began working with me 15 years ago when he was struggling with the relentless neck and jaw tension that accompanies this diabillating condition.

As his energy reserves grew, CranioSacral continued to support and strengthened him through a depression, digestive issues, injuries, TMJ from dental work and emotional loss. During Peter's most recent session I observed something remarkable: his heart was opening. While I held his head and neck, this dynamic opening continued to rise upward from his chest literally expanding his jaw and neck.

This story confirms that every one of my client's is a teacher. One day your heart will let down it's protective walls and let in the flow. You will expand into the fullness of your life, living with your health.

Here's the truth when healing your body. When your heart expands your body flows and your mind will follow.

Witnessing a client dedicated to healing find their way to open heartedness is sacred. HIs symptoms taught him that anxiety expresses physically as muscle stiffness and dizziness.  Will these symptoms completely go away or will they return to help inform and guide his choices?

This new level of healing was rooted in allowing the emotional past to be here. That's worthy of celebration. Peter did not fight against his body or fix a symptom to find the flow. Throughout his journey he found ways to open and accept his body. The flow is always present even in those times you don't know how to find it again.

CranioSacral healing is being present in deep service to your life, all your stresses, all your past and current experiences, and all your emotions, known or unknown.

Being present with your body and valuing your wounding allows this current place in your journey to teach you. Meeting the teacher is your medicine.

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photo: dana styriakova