healing workshop

Healing Circles


A healing circle is about being present and connected with yourself. Observing yourself as you are. It's about cultivating your relationship with yourself. Being kind with yourself. Giving yourself space to be present with your suffering. 

What is true for me is that I need time to integrate healing work. Slowing down, doing less with more breathing space comes with consequences.  How do you fill your own inner well? What do you focus on when you have less energy? Healing can be isolating and lonely. We can do it alone or we can do it together. 

If you're like me, you are craving to be with other like minded people creating a slow simple life. You're invited to join one of our circles for Body Healing Meditation and Writing for Healing.  Each healing circle offers space for self reflection and for heart felt conversations.

Creating healing opportunities is so important for health. Our bodies and minds are craving places to just be human without expectations to be perfect, having it together, and knowing what's next. Letting go of the pressure to have it all together takes time and practice.  

Healing is making choices that serve your inner needs for stillness, self reflection and creativity. Your body may be drawn to sitting quietly in nature. You may be drawn to breathing with your body to soften tension. You may be drawn to entering into a conversation with whatever is present for you through writing.

Come sit in one another's presence, experience the garden's wide open spaces — inviting relaxation, unwinding, and deep listening. Come be with yourself.

Together we can explore our creativity. We can hold space for one another. In a healing circle you can experience something simple, sacred and healing.

At 1pm on the 1st Saturday of May and every month, Pearl Klein and I host A Writing Circle for Healing in my beautiful Seattle Solarium. If you’re in search of stillness and creativity, please join us — in person in Seattle or via video conferencing for those further away. Register here.










Somehow In Quiet Spaces My Bones Align

When I reflect on the past year I can choose to string together the moments I’ve lived in a way that empowers me. 

When the world around me is asking for closure on 2015's lessons my mind goes blank.

One word is insufficient.

A story only repeats what I already know. 

What about all those moments when I held back my breath?  

Was I true to my heart?

Were my tears allowed to be?  

They have left my mind to become stored in my body with other such moments. 

Can I speak to the impact they’ve had on my heart?

It's only thru the doorway of wonder that I can follow these invisible threads.

In quiet spaces I can listen.

Here I can choose to unwind all that's ready to let go and begin weaving what's ready to come into form.

By focusing my natural powers of observation

I discovered what's alive within my body.  

Being in inquiry is an invitation to commune with the quiet gifts of a rested mind and body.

What I discovered changed my life.

Within the laboratory of my body I discovered a powerful force -- a living medicine.

My cells are aligned with health.

I look forward to sharing this elegant inquiry with you in 2016.

Join me on Saturday February 27th for Cell Level Meditation Workshop both live in Seattle & online video conference. Sign up here.