Your Boundaries Impact Your Health

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your boundaries are dynamic as you navigate your daily interactions

Boundaries impact your vitality, health, and healing. Your health and your boundaries reinforce one another with centering. Can you sense when you are "in" or "out" of your body?  When you are stressed out, worried, or anxious-- you are not centered. 
EXERCISE Bring your awareness to yourself and your body. Breathe. What do you notice with your body? Do you feel in or out?

fixing is repairing a broken mechanical object

It's normal to want an annoying symptom to go away and be permanently fixed. Healing is empowering. Begin listening to your body. Re-evaluating your choices and accepting your wholeness is possible.
EXERCISE Can you honor yourself? Can you bring unconditional love and acceptance to your body?

healing is being in relationship with your body

 Craniosacral Therapy provides "an environment for healing" rather than fixing symptoms. When you choose to lean into your symptom you are honoring yourself as you are. 
EXERCISE Right now lean into your present experience welcoming your symptom with kindness. Can you notice a healing environment?

compassion is the positive thoughts and feelings that encourage hope, courage, strength and peace

Developing these elements of compassion creates strong boundaries. 
EXERCISE Reflect on your relationship with yourself. Can you find compassion for your body?

listening to your body’s truth will give you more energy for life

My favorite body healing practice is a body scan for centering. When you are centered you can access the intelligence of your mind, heart and body. 
EXERCISE Begin scanning your body slowly from your head down to your feet. Breathe. What physical sensations do you notice? what emotions arise? what are the quality of your thoughts?


Healing Circles


A healing circle is about being present and connected with yourself. Observing yourself as you are. It's about cultivating your relationship with yourself. Being kind with yourself. Giving yourself space to be present with your suffering. 

What is true for me is that I need time to integrate healing work. Slowing down, doing less with more breathing space comes with consequences.  How do you fill your own inner well? What do you focus on when you have less energy? Healing can be isolating and lonely. We can do it alone or we can do it together. 

If you're like me, you are craving to be with other like minded people creating a slow simple life. You're invited to join one of our circles for Body Healing Meditation and Writing for Healing.  Each healing circle offers space for self reflection and for heart felt conversations.

Creating healing opportunities is so important for health. Our bodies and minds are craving places to just be human without expectations to be perfect, having it together, and knowing what's next. Letting go of the pressure to have it all together takes time and practice.  

Healing is making choices that serve your inner needs for stillness, self reflection and creativity. Your body may be drawn to sitting quietly in nature. You may be drawn to breathing with your body to soften tension. You may be drawn to entering into a conversation with whatever is present for you through writing.

Come sit in one another's presence, experience the garden's wide open spaces — inviting relaxation, unwinding, and deep listening. Come be with yourself.

Together we can explore our creativity. We can hold space for one another. In a healing circle you can experience something simple, sacred and healing.

At 1pm on the 1st Saturday of May and every month, Pearl Klein and I host A Writing Circle for Healing in my beautiful Seattle Solarium. If you’re in search of stillness and creativity, please join us — in person in Seattle or via video conferencing for those further away. Register here.










Begin Again

When things don't go as planned it's time to begin again. Being kind to yourself takes practice in those moments when a new health routine is interrupted. It's so easy to go back to a habitual way of being. When you are instantly thrown off course the mind's immediate response is to analyze and blame. Stop all of the shoulds.  

Forgive yourself and begin again.

Stop the temptation to follow the drama.

The reason's can be multifold: life intervened. Something moves in and you made a choice to follow. With your health you can either resist where you are or let yourself be right here.  Frustrated.  Weary.  Off course.

When your greatest resource is tapped out, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to quiet down your life. Lower your demands on your energy. give yourself a time out.

Your health is not an endless resource--it needs to be respected, nourished, and replenished.

Being human means learning through repetition. When we feel good we have energy to do more, right? Sensing the need to course correct usually happens after we over give, take on too much, or put your own needs last.

Why is it so hard to sense that territory right before the tipping point? You're human. You're mind reinforces doing more rather than putting yourself first. In these moments it's time to ask yourself:

What's the most supportive thing I can do for myself?

Try connecting with yourself with this practice and let me know how it helped below.

Healing: A Deeper Change Within

We are all a part of this revolution calling for a deeper change withinour inner and outer worlds.

Black and white thinking is being cleansed, transforming our minds and our bodypsyches as each one of us redefines freedom.

Healing is always available when you follow your own way.

Over these past few weeks of outer unrest, I've stepped into an open space that's boundless.


This shift of states illustrates a deeper release from right or wrong.  I am ready for this polarity to no longer rule my life. Each time I label my experiences as good or bad a part of me remains conditioned by the approval of family, others and world values.

How do I describe my own healing experiences from a detached point of view? I have mindfully observed my own body gradually loose the ability to walk after a concussion that triggered multiple sclerosis. It's been important for me to be neutral living with an autoimmune condition: neither reinforcing difficult moments or building up false hope.

After 18 years of consistent alternative healing practices I am now experiencing a neurological shift. My greatest desire is to walk outside spontaneously when the sun beams through the window. Memories of walking unencumbered are still alive within my body. As they have been waking up I've been thinking....

What is freedom?

Freedom is the unequivocal release from any and all experiences, events, occurrences that have defined who you are and what you believe. It's the journey of being present to observe freedom from the past in each moment. In the present freedom is open space, boundless freedom to move, behave, respond, speak, think from your own inner authority.

Healing is where freedom lives. Within a healing session I witnessed a force so strong it clearly was an expression of embodiment.

  • Is this state about perfect physical alignment?
  • Is it about being released from pain, sadness or depression?
  • Or is it about listening and hearing your own truth?

I believe it's about being witnessed as you are. Acceptance is the ground that is all inclusive.  It is here the force you’ve been seeking is present in and throughout your energy, your aliveness, and health.

This living force is centered in the radiant truth of self.

By "letting go" of the belief that something is wrong you will be set free when you least expect it. A greater part of yourself hears the call often silenced by the mind's self control and the body's self protection.

What you are seeking is calling you home.

Be open, be as free as you are with all of your humanity. Allow yourself time each day to go quiet. Enter the space of your own light. Freedom awaits you.

What you are seeking is here to set you free.

I am honored when you comment on the blog.

Healing is Your Nature

As I observed this rose open.....  

Delicate coral petals of delight were embraced by ombré shades of beauty.

Look closely to learn that healing is your nature.

Look closely to observe each bud holding tight before opening to express fullness.

When I my body is tightening up  I do not receive the support, energy and health that is here.

I've learned that tightness continues to cycle until the part of me that needs protection feels safe.

This experience that I know so well has it's season, it's owing timing.

In the body a season encourages me to consider this familiar experience as one that will cycle through.

Although body time is on it's own time.

Remember, it's the rose's nature to open from bud to blossom.

It's your body's nature to repeat the cycle of emerging and retreating until you are ready to accept the lesson.

Remember, nature's abundance IS ease.

Ask yourself are you living for growth?

Allow the nature of your body and your health to take it's course.

Spend time in nature this weekend.

Reflect on all the support that is here for your growth.

Ask how can you support yourself...

and expand into new levels of health?

Breathe in the ease that is here.

Holding you powerful in your nature to grow and heal.

I am honored when you comment below.