detoxing medications

Detoxing Medications with CranioSacral Therapy


CranioSacral Therapy, CST, supports the brain and body to detox medication side effects. Recently I have seen an increase in clients seeking CST after the necessary use of medication for acute symptoms, pain, surgery as well as tapering off anti depressants.

I treat clients that are highly sensitive to pharmaceuticals. The stress of new symptoms is further compromised by a reaction to medication.  Now clients are experiencing a double inflammatory state while fearing the side effects as well as the loss of function.

Stress switches off the body's natural self repair capabilities. Returning to balance ASAP is important in healing unwanted symptoms.

CST is excellent for highly sensitive people experiencing medication allergies. An allergy is a form of chemical assault similar to physically induced trauma. The nervous system locks down in response to stress. When the system is traumatized inflammation increases and the detox pathways are blocked preventing the release of toxins.

Client Stories
During a health crisis one client was prescribed prednisone for eye symptoms. Sensitivity to this medication resulted in dramatic mood changes, personality changes, vertigo and no significant improvements in her symptoms. CST helped reset her nervous system, clear trauma, and improve physical alignment relieving pressure on her eye.

Another client's anti depressant side effects exacerbated her TMJ symptoms of muscular contractions and extreme pain. Once the drug was tapered off her physical body returned to balance.

A post surgery client sought CST to help her brain detox from opioids in order to regain her mental capacity to work. She experienced brain fog, difficulty focusing, inability to make decisions, and lack of sleep. In the first CST session it was evident she had experienced a toxic brain assault. 

All three clients experienced toxic overload. CST helped reset their nervous systems improving circulation and opening the brain's detox pathways called the glymphatic system. Each individual's body required CST support to improve physical alignment enhancing the brain's cleansing system and vitality.