dealing with chronic stress

Are You Over Dealing with Chronic Stress?

I've been talking a lot about paying attention to your body, and it occurs to me that I overlooked dealing with chronic stress.

When you’re overwhelmed, overstimulated and over tired--stop. Before you break down crying for a way out--stop everything.  Just stop.  You will find your way into rest.

Resting is one of the best ways to reconnect with yourself. When you rest, you rebalance the mind from active and busy to receptive and open.

Rest takes you into a state where creativity, clarity, and relaxation take place. You can’t relax by telling yourself, “Relax!” Resting and relaxing are processes.

Your ability to rest determines how your body deals with stress.

Yes, it's easy to push through when you first feel your energy drop. I am asking you instead to become aware of this energy drop and take action. Don’t do something, just sit there (as Sylvia Boorstein titled one of her books on meditation).

Resting takes a mindset shift, and a recognition of what your body calls for. In your active life, do you obey the call to rest?  Try acting on those nudges to take a break in the course of your day. Sit in the sun. Go for a walk. Or simply stop -- pull over and take a break.

A drop in energy is your first cue that it’s time to relax. The next cues are usually subtler and easier to override -- until life gets crazy or chaotic. We all know how difficult it is to rest when you are over the top.

Life becomes chaotic, and you might think, “If I don’t take care of business, everything will fall apart.”

I believe chronic stress is the accumulation of missed opportunities to rest. It's as simple as resting but I know it's not easy.

I've spent my adult life learning how to communicate via the nervous system. Learning to engage compassionately with your own system is the way to live graciously with challenges.

When you work with me I can teach you experientially to return to your flow when anxiety and pain surface. My mission is demystifying healing.

WHY? Because I believe healing is a listening relationship between you and your body, and whenyou listen, you return to your flow.

So often anxiety and pain are crazy bedfellows. Your body's best intention is to protect you.   Your own defenses can also take you off track in seconds. It's my intention to share with you ways to return to your flow.

When you rest, you relax, open, and become more receptive. You don’t need to go “meditate,” you can simply rest.

Resting is a way to notice subtle signs and course correct before you are derailed. It is the most reliable way to connect with your flow.

Resting is guaranteed to deliver the 3 R's of Resting: Relax, Release and Receive. 

Keep practicing. Resting will teach you about stress and it's relationship to your body.

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