craniosacral therapy for trauma release

release trauma from your body

I believe that life gives us experiences to understand the body we live in and heal ourselves. After reflecting over a fall a few weeks ago, I've been wondering about the coincidence of something unexpected happening right when my body was functioning well. You can learn how to release trauma from your body by turning on your body's self healing mechanisms.  

On Thursday my confidence was up, you see, with multiple sclerosis, my walking was smoother than usual. I was feeling happy with my body. Then something the very next moment my body is lunging forward.... I was falling. Within seconds I was about to hit my head on the kitchen floor. Everything within me wanted to keep my head from striking.

I entered a time warp, feeling myself moving through space so slowly that when I landed my brain said "what was that?"

Fact: I was flat on my back. My legs were not strong enough to push me up. AND I knew my phone was out of reach on the kitchen table.

My wild warrior  vagus nerve kicked in and orchestrated a stress response flooding my brain and body with stress hormones. The short story is that I had to literally rock and roll my body upright, knock the phone off the kitchen table, and call Chris for help. My husband's first response was to embrace me with his body, pull me tight and start breathing together outloud. This short circuited the more primitive track of the vagus nerve,according to polyvagal theory, which is to immobilize the body into helplessness when threatened.

7 steps to release trauma:

  • Start breathing into your belly. In and out. If you can, remember square breathing. Four counts in. Four counts out.
  • Move & shake your body. Get up, start walking back and forth. Shake your body. Yes! like a dog does after getting wet.
  • Rock and roll if your down on the ground. Moving your body is empowering.
  • Say this mantra out loud: "In this moment everything is alright."
  • Connect with people.  Hug, embrace, hold hands, look in each other's eyes. Human contact is central for healing quickly.
  • Remember love heals. If you are alone after striking your head, tell yourself that you love your head, arm, knee, etc. You are sending oxytocin, the love hormone.
  • Schedule CranioSacral for clearing and aligning your head with your body after a trauma.

Looking back now I believe this event happened for my ultimate growth. In a stressful situtaion, I was empowered. My reptilian brain was bypassed by the reassurance of human touch instead of being immobilized in fear, driving both the emotional and physical trauma deeper.