craniosacral therapy for slowing down

slow down to heal

accept my compassionas my heart listens to yours with passion may your suffering be healed may your heart's compass guide you through the unknown may you find your way into the light within, around, and between us all. Listening is an invitation for something unexpected to emerge. When you slow down to listen, you are opening a door for healing.

Recently I have surrendered to my body's message to nap rather than pushing through to finish the task at hand. Today was one of those unplanned days for resting. What might seem as an ordinary nap can transport me into an extraordinary experience.

You and I are practicing compassion with ourselves each time we honor our inner compass and act with respect.

I'd love to share what I have witnessed in the Sacred Flow sessions this week. One client shifted feeling physically lethargic and mentally sluggish by literally unwinding daily stress. After the Flow she felt peaceful as she transitioned from work to family. She felt prepared to be present for a stressful evening with her child's homework project.

Another client was seeking a new perspective after four years of struggling with her health. She discovered another piece of the puzzle for reconnecting with her passion for writing within the Sacred Flow process.

I am so happy to witness your healing with my compassionate  signature CranioSacral and Sacred Flow. May you bring full breaths, gentleness, awareness and kindness to yourself moment by moment. Please leave a comment below.