craniosacral therapy for pain relief

being in pain is the loneliest feeling

Being alone in pain, day after day, is unbearable. I know what you are going through. No one else can take your pain away. All anyone else can offer is to hold a vigil for your truth. As we each read these words, together we can sit here united for you. We can dedicate this moment for you to believe in the purity of your body. Your body knows. Trust this.  

You came into this world perfect, with all the wonder that is your essence.  Your parents feel this-- love-- each time they look in your eyes. You were welcomed into your family, dedicated to care for all your needs until you learned to claim your independence, one step at a time.

When your mind begins to worry about your future in this body, turn your eyes to the sky--breath in the truth:

  • Your body is orchestrating everything to sustain your God given life.
  • You were born healthy.
  • Your health is a living, breathing, creation.
  • You are loved. Each breath connects you to the greater truth that you are alive, feel life moving in you.

It's normal to want to push the pain away, have it cut out or medicated away, or hand it to somebody else. The body communicates deep issues through sensation. Listen to your symptoms AND to the difficulties around you -- they may be discussing the same idea in different voices.

Whether physical or emotional pain brings you to me, what most often brings women in is the feeling that no matter what they try, nothing works. CranioSacral Healing approaches symptoms as the body's wisdom, not something to get rid of.

Sacred Flow allows you to be with yourself, in all your feelings, "good" or "bad." Using Sacred Flow in each CS session, I teach you how to regulate your pain and anxiety with breath work, so you can consciously experience your body, finding the message within your problems. Each breath connects you to the greater truth that you are alive, feel life moving in you.  Read more here.

Remember to reach out to someone who will tell you what is true.

Please share my news with your friends and family: I am currently offering CranioSacral Healing in the most comfortable Zero Gravity chair for your lasting healing experience.