craniosacral therapy for pain

Calm Your Body

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When the world's chaos is too much and I don't know what to do, I listen with my body. Feeling my heart beating brings comfort to my soft body. Listening into this familiar cadence helps me rest deeper.

A CranioSacral session begins with listening with all of your body's sensations good or bad. When your pain is witnessed and held, healing is possible. My hands and heart support your body's painful sensations until they crest into gentle flowing waves of relief. As you are held blocks begin opening, allowing muscular tension to melt while calming the nervous system. Quieting your mind and expanding your heart renews your connection to your body and health. 

an invitation

My desire for you is to be empowered to heal your body. If my work resonates with you, we can work together.  Remember your willingness to surrender and receive will usher in softness, connection and peace. 

craniosacral therapy

CranioSacral Therapy resets your nervous system renewing your capacity to heal and dwell in wholeness. When we work together, you will receive my new Body Healing Practices eworkbookfilled with empowering self care tools. Get a free chapter below.


"Today I experienced somatically what it means to surrender. Barbara brought my attention to a gentle rocking movement that was happening in my body and guided me into an experience of connecting my pain to my heart and the heart of the earth/universe. It was beautiful. It was a profound shift for me to literally feel the heart of the earth/universe and mine seemingly flowing as one. We are not alone. It is only a matter of allowing, letting what is be, breathing, and deeply trusting. Profound. Thank you Barbara." -- C.W.


Heal emotional pain with these 3 steps

It's human nature to expect pain to spiral out of control or repeat the past. Although you want to heal emotional pain are you avoiding being with your feelings? Distractions can take on many forms. You tell yourself "if only I put other's needs above my own...if only I stay busy I can put off healing until I am ready...if only another person or time will fix this pain...

Your body absorbs all the stresses you’ve experienced since the beginning of your life, and your unique history can support or impede your body’s ability to heal.  That’s why your body suffers at different times. Your ability to self-soothe is based on the relationship with your mother and father. You can learn from them a sense of safety and inner calm — or a sense of panic and incompleteness.

Themes of conflict, victimhood, or beating yourself up live in your body. Being against yourself can go underground with reoccuring symptoms of low energy, fatigue or difficulty sleeping. You may believe that you have moved on from childhood stress or the loss of a parent....yet your body is holding on rather than letting go.

The good news is that no matter how old you are, no matter what your relationship with your parents, you can always biologically access the calmness of  love. This for me is the crux of the CranioSacral experience: rediscovering the peace within.

Heal emotional pain with these three steps. Start slow by reflecting on the one you resonate with.

First:: Bring to mind  your earliest childhood dream or memory. Your earliest memories hold the key for your healing. Hold these treasures closely, listen and as the door to your heart opens.

 Second:: Connect with yourself. Your deepest wounds respond to paying attention to how you feel with pure quiet presence. Remember how you felt when a grandparent made eye contact with you. You can practice this with yourself by bringing your awareness to your heart. As you tune into the rhythm of your heart imagine the eyes of your heart gazing lovingly towards yourself.

Third:: Breathe towards your heart. With open arms embrace your own wounds allowing the tides of healing to wash over you.  Your body can be reassured to heal anything by the presence and safety of love.

Q & A: Which step speaks to you as a healing practice?

 If you resonated with this ~ leave a comment below.

craniosacral heals pain

CranioSacral Healing sees symptoms as the body communicating deeper issues through sensation. When you listen to all the different sensations in your body, you can embrace your whole self with kindness. We are accustomed to dulling or ignoring our pain, yet when we do that, we reject important messages. Pain is part of the world of the body you inhabit. CranioSacral Therapy sessions will experientially open you to experiencing your body in a new way, without judging or fear or exaggeration. Pain is not always a crisis; it is always a message. Instead of ignoring the pain or erasing it temporarily with medication, through slowing down and connecting with your body you will learn to accept it, include it and find out what it is saying.

"Pain" masks various sensations that are calling for your patient attention. When you stay with this intense edge, you can successfully observe your relationship with body change. Now it will be a new relationship with your body, the world you inhabit most closely, instead of a relationship with pain.

Your desire to heal can be supported throughout your daily life with the Healing Energy Retreats. Weekly over the phone, I'm here to guide you breath by breath so you can move towards your pain, in a supported experience of what happens next. My job is to help you with healing energy exercises; being present with you while you are experiencing your body in an extreme state. In this safe supported place, you will be able to discover what comes next and be with it, instead of running away or trying to distract or ignore the pain. Body awareness can mean shifting " intense out of control sensations" towards calming and soothing yourself.

Gently I provide another calm voice as a guide, so you can access another knowing place inside of you that can rise up and join in the conversation so the pain, habit or emotion isn't overpowering you. Over 12 weekly sessions by phone, your language and repertoire of body awareness will grow.

The Healing Energy Retreats maintain the benefit of craniosacral healing or your other body work by practicing healing tools between sessions. Over 12 weeks, your language and repertoire of body awareness will grow. The Healing Energy sessions compliment the connection and calmness of a private craniosacral session.  You're invited to experience a new way of being through co-creating a self fulfilling lifestyle: one that leads you into a fuller relationship with all facets of your body.