craniosacral therapy for migraines

lessons learned from a headache

Waking up in pain zaps the possibilities of enjoying a light filled summer day. Dragging under pressure, I decided to get moving, hydrate well, and start my day with a green smoothie.  

THE headache was escalating instead of retreating. CA-LUNck. My cranial bones were stuck. Dull aching behind my eyes is a classic cranial misalignment symptom. Breathing fresh air helped.  Magnesium offered some support. As my usual sparkle continued to be replaced with an unresponsive stare, I scheduled my CS session.

Waiting for full relief was another story. I drank more water before I motored the Zero Gravity chair into the flow state position.

Being horizontal for 30 minutes taught me this:

  • when your back is supported in the aquatic position, your bones dance - because they have more natural mobility
  • reducing gravitational pull, relaxes all the bigger outer muscles as well as the deeper muscles in your core
  • your nervous system enters a calm deeply restorative flow state- reminiscent of the womb
  • fluid nourishment circulates to your brain
  • mental alertness replaces the anxiety that accompanies pain in 30 minutes
  • combined with CranioSacral, the path to a peaceful you is revealed

Pain or dysfunction occurs when the optimal flow of messages throughout the nervous system gets compromised through stress, injury or trauma. When you experience pain, there is a contraction closing the body. Under stress, the body loses access to what you already know. CranioSacral gently suggests to the body how to soften and open to new information through subtle movement.

It brings me great satisfaction to support my clients getting off medication for migraines. Share my new Migraine relief page with your friends and family.