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Letting Go

Letting go in the body happens when an opening presents itself.

You have access to your deepest challenge's teachings when you honor this truth:  all of your life experiences are stored in your body -- your muscles, tissues, bones and nervous system. 

Right here the very stress, chaos, and tension that twist and weave together rigid protective armor can also let go.

Letting go is a catalyst for letting love in.

As layers of tension are released, your capacity for more self kindness expands.

Life in your body is not linear. 

We experience life in cycles whether they come with illness, age or environmental factors. 

During the hottest months of the year, a recurrent health crisis brings me to my knees.

All I can do is be present with this and only this.

Spiraling through another cycle helps build trust for our deepest self knowing to let go of fear.

One layer after another. 

Until you no longer resist the possibility of -- more pain, more worry, more distress.

Right here you can meet your health.

Unwinding is a dance. Nothing is forced.  

You can unwind the way you currently experience your body.

Right here you are allowing a new level of health to emerge. 

Your Body Will Let Go

Your body will let go. Letting go in the body happens in body time. Remember body time is seven times slower than the mind's version of now. Letting go doesn't make sense to the mind. Letting go doesn't happen in the body through willing it into being or expecting it to happen within a certain amount of time.  

Letting go will happen within wide open space. Give yourself time to be present with what comes up after body work. Schedule in white space the same day. Receiving bodywork is an investment in your health that extends beyond the immediate experience of peace. Being quiet to absorb the comfort and safety of healing offers these benefits: relaxation, lowering stress, emotional connection, and feeling your body as s/he is.

The greatest gift of healing is to awaken your teacher within.

A doorway opened after my own most recent session. 18 years after my near death experience I was present to witness my felt experience of trauma healing through a great unwinding 8 hours after bodywork. Did it wake me up at night, yes. Was it uncomfortable, yes, at times. Was I scared, no because bodywork had prepared me for this moment.

Strange signs arose in my mind: my ability to discuss ordinary daily events became difficult. Subtle clues became more apparent in my body. My right brain experience was magnified. I stayed open to this emerging experience rather than distracting myself or pushing it away.

I turned down the volume and turned off all electronics. Once I entered a quiet zone, I really listened to my experience. Entering my personal ocean of sensation was a relief. I began to experience my head injury from the perspective of my arms. I never knew what happened to my arms when a car ran into my legs catapulting my body in the air. My arms were waking up becoming softer from the inside out. I welcomed  this comfort.

During the night in one long continuous dream I felt light headed and queasy. Once I felt what was coming up in physical sensation my body let go. My dream supported releasing what no longer needed protection. I woke many times in gratitude to mark my journey through body time. Coming back to my body is a peak experience, one of self love.

Time in healing is not based in the material world. It's all about alignment within yourself. 

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Healing is Your Nature

As I observed this rose open.....  

Delicate coral petals of delight were embraced by ombré shades of beauty.

Look closely to learn that healing is your nature.

Look closely to observe each bud holding tight before opening to express fullness.

When I my body is tightening up  I do not receive the support, energy and health that is here.

I've learned that tightness continues to cycle until the part of me that needs protection feels safe.

This experience that I know so well has it's season, it's owing timing.

In the body a season encourages me to consider this familiar experience as one that will cycle through.

Although body time is on it's own time.

Remember, it's the rose's nature to open from bud to blossom.

It's your body's nature to repeat the cycle of emerging and retreating until you are ready to accept the lesson.

Remember, nature's abundance IS ease.

Ask yourself are you living for growth?

Allow the nature of your body and your health to take it's course.

Spend time in nature this weekend.

Reflect on all the support that is here for your growth.

Ask how can you support yourself...

and expand into new levels of health?

Breathe in the ease that is here.

Holding you powerful in your nature to grow and heal.

I am honored when you comment below.

Are You Willing to Meet the Teacher?

One of the challenges with healing your body is having patience to feel. Another one is learning acceptance for your own habits and patterns. If your current health issue has been formed by both the stresses and joys of living life, are you willing to meet the teacher?

There are many sayings when facing a health challenge such as you've got to tough it out or keep fighting to get your health back. Choose your words wisely. War strategies don't heal your body. This language implies that your body is the enemy holding your health captive. And to conquer this internal enemy you must destroy an elusive force that is holding you back.

What if this force was here to guide you forward?  It's time to make friends with your past, the sacred holder of who you are today.

If how to's worked with healing the body we all would be able to return to health in 5 easy steps or with these quick tips. Do you buy into the promise of doing x, y, or z rather than being present with what is happening now?

Have I told you I don't believe in being fixed? Even though you want what ever is slowing you down to go away, don't you want the ability to feel vitality, peace and calm? Feeling uncomfortable or unsettled is feedback to course correct. The difference between fixing and healing is your willingness to explore your symptom's message.

Peter's story with chronic fatigue illustrates the rewards of seeking deeper emotional and physical healing. He began working with me 15 years ago when he was struggling with the relentless neck and jaw tension that accompanies this diabillating condition.

As his energy reserves grew, CranioSacral continued to support and strengthened him through a depression, digestive issues, injuries, TMJ from dental work and emotional loss. During Peter's most recent session I observed something remarkable: his heart was opening. While I held his head and neck, this dynamic opening continued to rise upward from his chest literally expanding his jaw and neck.

This story confirms that every one of my client's is a teacher. One day your heart will let down it's protective walls and let in the flow. You will expand into the fullness of your life, living with your health.

Here's the truth when healing your body. When your heart expands your body flows and your mind will follow.

Witnessing a client dedicated to healing find their way to open heartedness is sacred. HIs symptoms taught him that anxiety expresses physically as muscle stiffness and dizziness.  Will these symptoms completely go away or will they return to help inform and guide his choices?

This new level of healing was rooted in allowing the emotional past to be here. That's worthy of celebration. Peter did not fight against his body or fix a symptom to find the flow. Throughout his journey he found ways to open and accept his body. The flow is always present even in those times you don't know how to find it again.

CranioSacral healing is being present in deep service to your life, all your stresses, all your past and current experiences, and all your emotions, known or unknown.

Being present with your body and valuing your wounding allows this current place in your journey to teach you. Meeting the teacher is your medicine.

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photo: dana styriakova

Fireworks, Screams and Ears

Sometimes it takes a series of events for clarity to appear. Recently 3 events took place over 3 days to help me understand the relationship between plugged ears, loud noises and screaming babies. 1. One mom's bout with catching her child's daycare cold developed into 6 months of coping with the "insanity" of plugged ears. Her massage therapist suggested that if CranioSacral could help kids avoid ear tubes maybe CS could help open her ears.

2. Neighborhood fireworks exploded in rapid fire for the longest holiday of my life.

3. Parents of an 18 month old  little boy sought CranioSacral because of his distressing screams that were taking a toll on the entire families nervous systems.

Ears communicate emotions by opening or closing like a telescope. These highly sensitive organs are hardwired into the brain to interpret messages of safety, love and fear. What we hear can communicate life or death in a nano second.

In my neighborhood this year NOT hearing the onslaught of fireworks would have been a blessing. These nonstop explosions sounded like they were in the next room.

Within seconds babies started crying and our cat flattened herself and scurried across the floor and disappeared.  I was enraged with the invasion of our home and wildlife sanctuary. There was nothing celebratory about the next half hour. I began thinking about the range of emotions holidays bring up: excitement, fear, anger, and denial.

Opening plugged ears is one of my specialties. What I didn't realize until after the holiday weekend was that this little boy's ears could be closed down from the cranial dynamics of teething. He was doing his best to communicate his first life experience of teething pain.

Here's my 3 part solution:

1. CranioSacral works wonders with clogged or plugged ears by manually unwinding the eustachian tubes. Hearing through plugged ears can be alarming and worrisome. CranioSacral addresses the emotional component by resetting the lizard brain at the base of the head. The lizard brain can be retrained through calming the nervous system to let go of the past memories of fear, distress or pain.

2. Facebook provided a forum to protest how meaningless fireworks are in private neighborhoods where the needs of children, pets and wildlife are ignored for violence in the name of entertainment.

3.  CranioSacral rebalances the great forces involved with teething. Teething issues can be expressed in a variety of ways by children screaming, scratching their face or crying all night long. Teething tightens the jaw, neck and head in some children and can close down the eustachian tubes. This would explain why children communicate by screaming.

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photo by Lois Yuran Gore