craniosacral and sacred flow

magical opportunities await

How do you feel when everything comes together? Satisfied. Right?   Do you notice the ease in both your mind and body when you are not pressured for time. Life expands to hold everything that will give to you. Living in the flow opens you for magical opportunities...right here where you are.

You can experience the pleasure of an open mind and heart in your day. You will find your own natural rhythm, your way.

Wednesday was a demonstration of self mastery. When I looked closer, I enjoyed my energy rituals of green juice, time to journal and time to be still. My day unfolded calmly with space to connect spontaneously with a friend. Feelings of self satisfaction and pleasure are still present.

My ah ha moment was this: when I am consistently meeting my own needs, by slowing down to include time for myself, life gives me energy.

And... what I learned is that when I show up fully: my mind and heart are in harmony. Before I began living in the flow, I would do meditation.  My life was different. I would create more pressure on myself by filling up each day. Now slowing down carries me into the fullness of living spaciously.

Begin noticing openings to connect with yourself.

You are invited to experience The Sacred Flow Freebie from the comfort of your own home or in my garden solarium. Learn more and sign up for a 20 minute taste of Flow here.