Begin Again

When things don't go as planned it's time to begin again. Being kind to yourself takes practice in those moments when a new health routine is interrupted. It's so easy to go back to a habitual way of being. When you are instantly thrown off course the mind's immediate response is to analyze and blame. Stop all of the shoulds.  

Forgive yourself and begin again.

Stop the temptation to follow the drama.

The reason's can be multifold: life intervened. Something moves in and you made a choice to follow. With your health you can either resist where you are or let yourself be right here.  Frustrated.  Weary.  Off course.

When your greatest resource is tapped out, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to quiet down your life. Lower your demands on your energy. give yourself a time out.

Your health is not an endless resource--it needs to be respected, nourished, and replenished.

Being human means learning through repetition. When we feel good we have energy to do more, right? Sensing the need to course correct usually happens after we over give, take on too much, or put your own needs last.

Why is it so hard to sense that territory right before the tipping point? You're human. You're mind reinforces doing more rather than putting yourself first. In these moments it's time to ask yourself:

What's the most supportive thing I can do for myself?

Try connecting with yourself with this practice and let me know how it helped below.