Connect With Your Heart

Join your heart with your pain for your heart is filled with potential. Remember you bring everything into this moment --your heartaches and your joy -- for you are whole. Your health is always present for you are not broken -- there is nothing to fix.

All you need to be present is within you.  Connection with yourself is the ground where you can be with both your pain and your ever present health. When you connect with your heart, you are leaning into the next step of your journey without knowing all the information you believe you need.

Somehow early in life fear ruled everything. Do you repeat your parent's fears passed on with the responsibility of adulthood? with the shame of mistakes? or feeling burdened with health challenges?

When all of this is too much for one body to carry what are your choices? To recoil, contract and stay small to protect the heart. Or to connect with your heart's radiance.

When you breathe into your heart you connect with the ever present energy field that expands outward from your midline.  You connect with your heart's ability to soothe away your pain. When you touch your potential -- hope is realized.

Now turn to that small voice within and say, "fear not, my sweet friend, you are filled with potential."

Feel balanced and grounded with my guided Body Healing Meditation recordings or once a month live on Saturday, July 9th.

your own rhythms heal anxiety

when you are overwhelmed, tightening up, and seeking connection

Practice the two R's to calm anxiety.

Anxiety is clever. Sometimes it is fleeting like a bird rising into flight. Other times it likes to hide out cleverly masquerading in the body as something else. Your body might feel foreign, not really painful. Or you've had more sleepless nights, feeling out of sorts, maybe a blur of brain fog/dizzy/ confusion on top of feeling physically abnormal. Either way you are left with the choice of waiting or aligning with your health through CranioSacral Therapy.

Consider this recording my gift to you. In my signature CranioSacral healing sessions, you will learn a customized practice to bring you into your feeling body. When you are feeling anxious that's your body's way of saying you don't feel safe. Remember anytime stress is overriding relaxation, your body's self healing resources cannot do their job.

Both newer clients as well as regular ones are experiencing something phenomenal when old anxiety patterns align with health. It's amazing to feel their strength come into synch with more life energy, better boundaries, and their true selves.

Listen now:

Return to the rhythms of your breath & heart.

Repeat and practice until you are moving in the world with ease. Feeling connected to your own heart beat creates wholeness and health. Your health rises as you live in alignment with your heart.