What Does Healing Mean For You?


For me healing means supporting your body-mind to be whole and vital. CranioSacral healing provides an environment for being in relationship with your whole self. Begin by creating space for yourself to be right where you are. It's uncomfortable, sometimes messy, and never predictable.


It's human nature to want your symptoms to go away. Remember your mind plays an important role. Your mind can either reject your body through analyzing WHY or WORRYING about the future. Staying in your head is spinning in circles. 

Remember you always can choose connection with your body through acceptance. Begin where you are. Your body always tells the truth.

EXERCISE :: Bring your awareness to your body. Breathe. Feel your body's sensations. Listen to your body. What do you notice when you are "in" your head? What do you notice when you are "in" your body?


Breathe With Kindness

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.35.06 AM.png

As the fog lifts breathe deeply letting the light lift your heart.

Be gentle with yourself while you notice your breath rise and rest.

Your breath awakens the moving intelligence within your body.  
Notice life unfolding today as kindness.