bodywork for grief

your fears are your ancestor's fears

Working with your body is like mining for gold. I never told you it would be easy. Yet when you show up with a "yes" --something deeper and wiser moves you along on this path called life. One day whatever anxiety, pain or confusion has been covering up comes out of hiding. Rising to witness your own gold, your buried treasure is both joyus and freeing.  

Fear is complex. Often your body carries your parent's fears without consciously knowing how or why. Your wounds are your ancestor's wounds as well. Your soft feeling body needs your forgiveness for these familial veins run deep. Quieting the critical mind comes with practice. Listen closely to yourself resting your mind's "wisdom" with your heart's "self love."

CranioSacral supports grieving the loss of a loved one. With grief different parts of the mind can set up unconscious patterns that work temporarily to protect you but often become physical pain.  One client experienced physical freedom when their body was willing to release fear held in the same location as their mother's cancer. Their body's message was discovering the connection between their anxiety and their parent's fear fear of death. When the body can physically reveal this truth, everything else comes into a lasting alignment.

Experiencing your sacred gold rising to the surface requires a magical alignment of safety, trust, and acceptance. You have the opportunity to discover your own guidance to mine deep healing in this human experience. Choose wisely.