body signals

Part Two: When Desires and Bodies Collide

As I write this the parallels with the outer world stand out. Past and present suffering collides in the world around us and within our bodies. Conflict creates polar opposites that keep us separate. 

Love vs hate.

Trust vs fear.

Peace vs war.

Uncertainty during these times is stirring up our bodies emotionally and physically. Our bodies are dialoguing with us yet we can't break the code. Deeper understanding is possible only when we listen to our bodies. 

You desire what everyone feel good, to be healthy, and to exercise your freedom of choice to do what you want.   When your body is out of sorts, you want what ever is happening to go stop interfering with life. Even though you may worry about your body's health, imagining the worst possible outcome, you desire relief.

What do you do when your desire and body collide?
Doing your daily life requires energy. When your body speaks back with tightness and low energy do you push through or slow down?  Do your habits run the show?  Can your create space to you give yourself time to listen?

Your body is not the enemy. Your body will continue to send signals that escalate from subtle twinges to painful sensations until you act. 

One client sought CranioSacral for nerve tingling and numbness in her face and neck. During the session I held space for her body as an ally. Within her body is the key to unlocking the emotional memory that brings her into alignment.

What appears as pain is the body's wisdom presenting the road map for release.  Once the body's suffering is welcomed as she/he is, the body will respond by letting protective layers of tightness, tingling, and muscles spasms settle.

When an emotional memory comes home for integration, your physical body can soften and hold an alignment allowing space to function properly. Your emotions can flow again soothing stress and responding with ease to daily demands . Self understanding allows deeper self acceptance.

Remember your innate human rights.
to breathe and be
to listen to body as an ally
to find your voice and be heard
to take a stance
to act with kindness

Remember we are here to help one another.