body inquiry

Somehow In Quiet Spaces My Bones Align

When I reflect on the past year I can choose to string together the moments I’ve lived in a way that empowers me. 

When the world around me is asking for closure on 2015's lessons my mind goes blank.

One word is insufficient.

A story only repeats what I already know. 

What about all those moments when I held back my breath?  

Was I true to my heart?

Were my tears allowed to be?  

They have left my mind to become stored in my body with other such moments. 

Can I speak to the impact they’ve had on my heart?

It's only thru the doorway of wonder that I can follow these invisible threads.

In quiet spaces I can listen.

Here I can choose to unwind all that's ready to let go and begin weaving what's ready to come into form.

By focusing my natural powers of observation

I discovered what's alive within my body.  

Being in inquiry is an invitation to commune with the quiet gifts of a rested mind and body.

What I discovered changed my life.

Within the laboratory of my body I discovered a powerful force -- a living medicine.

My cells are aligned with health.

I look forward to sharing this elegant inquiry with you in 2016.

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