Transform Yourself Through Writing

I find it's incredibly comforting to be with other women writing rather than being alone with my thoughts. Each month in the Solarium I invite you to join Pearl Klein, my writing coach, and myself to call out your stories to be witnessed and heard. Sitting with Pearl is like being with a friend who hears your heart. Below is an excerpt from Pearl's blog on our new monthly collaboration.

Writing Circle for Healing

When I isolate myself from the world, I block my self-expression. 

When I meet in a room with other writers (even a "virtual" room via videoconference), I find myself letting go and giving in. 

That's one of the reasons Barbara Coon asked me to teach a Writing Circle for Healing. The presence of others can enhance your ability to put words to the page. Instead of feeling blocked, you start to articulate the essence of your own voice and vision — whether you share what you've written with others or not.

Join Barbara and me this Saturday at 1pm PDT to explore your inner thoughts. Whether you live in the Seattle area and can attend in person or live further away and will attend by videoconferencing, I'll prompt you, stimulate you, and create a safe space where you can break through your blockages to get your experience, dreams, psyche, and depth on the page.

When you go from experiencing writing as a painful chore to experiencing it as play and exploration, you'll be amazed at what flows out of you.

Open a door in your heart and write for your own healing.

Ready to transform your words?