Stuck in old patterns

Persistent, Annoying, and Interrupts My Normal

Sometimes, no matter how motivated you are to change, you get stuck in old patterns. Pain is a pattern of experience that varies in intensity yet always has the quality of interrupting life. PAIN, therefore, can be defined as Persistent, Annoying, and Interrupts my Normal. “Stuck” is a familiar feeling. You may recognize a pattern playing out without knowing how to deal with it, or feeling that you’ve been here before, and is this REALLY still unresolved? When I’m stuck, I temporarily forget everything I thought I knew.

An old pattern recently showed up again, bringing symptoms I knew really well, and I was in PAIN. My intuition was off track. I knew if I tried using reason to find my next step I would be backsliding.

All I could do was accept the truth that I lost the connection to my source, and with that connection gone I sat in the discomfort waiting for an answer. After a few days I asked for help. When I am able to make better choices rather than defaulting into self control I feel reassured.

Our mind creates limitations. “Why am I going through this now? I thought I already solved this problem” is a limitation, and it doesn’t offer a solution.

Many of my clients describe a sequence of events: something happens and PAIN starts; they try to fix the PAIN; nothing works; everything they know how to do isn’t working; and the PAIN continues.

When the unexpected happens, the solution is understanding your body holds the answers and will tell you the truth, every time. When dealing with physical PAIN, I always need to include my body in the conversation.

Loosing connection with my source was my greatest fear. I had been creating, ideas had been flowing and I was putting together valuable material to share with the world. I had been glad to be in a place where I could communicate these body concepts and share them with the world. I was getting them down on paper, getting them together. It looked like a book, and I was thinking about images to go with ideas, it was all very exciting -- and then I lost connection with the material.

My mind was blank. I was in a really uncomfortable place because what I know about healing is my life’s work -- how can I lose touch with it? First I became uncomfortable, then desperate. My connection to loving myself was gone. So when I talk about PAIN, this is what I mean. My normal was gone.

Your body communicates through a spectrum of sensation. As soon as it becomes PAIN, you will seek help. There's always a part of healing your body where you do what you can do yourself, and a part where you know when to ask for help. To ask, what do I need? Who can help me now? What kind of healing do I need?

Consider asking your body, through a practice I call Body Listening. Body Listening is honoring your body in this moment. When you slow down and turn your attention inward, all of your senses open in creative response. Your breath will connect you with source shifting you from a separate state into oneness. Body Listening IS loving yourself in this present moment.

Your experiences and the things that have meaning for you are different from the ones that have meaning for me. The experience of losing your normal, however, is the thread that runs through both physical and emotional discomfort, and it’s habitual for many of us to avoid, evade, and repress the PAIN instead of facing and expressing it.

What can you do when PAIN interrupts your life?

Begin by reframing this interruption as an invitation. Try listening to your body.

In Body Listening, accepting where you are allows your body to move the energy of the emotion or event or relationship so you don’t drive the pain deeper into your body. This means being kind AND honest with yourself. You can practice this alone. Entering into this practice openly with a healer will get these currents flowing.

The next step is to find your way back to yourself through touch. A new client said, “My body really responds to healing through touch.” Try placing one hand on your heart and the other hand on your painful sensation.

Through touching others by giving and receiving healing my voice returned. You may also find that moving in nature is a way of connecting physically to the truth of your existence.

Understanding the relationship between PAIN and listening to your body will help you on your own journey. You have a choice to stop and listen at any moment.

Let me know in the comments below what steps you are taking that work for you.

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