Neck pain

A Pain In The Neck

You expect a lot from your neck. You want to be able to turn your head and neck freely to drive, or rest your head on someone's shoulder for support, or focus in one position when you're working on the computer. If you're living life you’ve probably felt neck pain.

Since Western society honors the mind and logic above all else, we have been conditioned to push through — to ignore that the body is smart. Instead we have kept our minds and bodies separate. One of my colleagues names separateness as the basic of disease. Healing is a return to oneness.

Your body continually communicates emotions through sensations. Your neck will immediately feel tight, kinked, or twisted to get your attention. Do you listen and respond? Or do you push through? Maybe you begin wondering what caused the kink? We usually start analyzing our sleep and examining the pillow, bed or couch before we look further.

Our necks and our voices are avenues of expression that communicate our thoughts and our emotional experiences.  

Observe your language. Are you describing your experience with any of these?
I'm spacey....distracted....can't focus.
I just erupted. I don't understand where this came from.
I can't tolerate being a passenger in the car.
I'm exhausted. I’m not getting anything done.
Tylenol isn't taking the edge off.
It's been days now and my body won't relax.

All of this is code for the mind body connection.
Your words communicate the universal feelings of neck discomfort .

Check in with your body right now. Scan your body from your head down to your feet. How does your neck feel?

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