Healing through intuition

Healing Through Intuition

Holding precious life in your hands is an act of becoming one. You can hold yourself the way you hold your child. With an open heart. This is the foundation of being loving and kind with yourself that makes up self care: all the choices you make to be healthy. My own healing practices are based in being intentional with my body. I've been listening to my body for a long time, and in a completely unexpected moment, something surprising will come through.

Awakening in the night for a few years, I realize that without body listening, my mind would elaborate on everything this unexplained pain could be. When I looked inward for answers, I realized the anxiety I had over a surgical procedure provoked my own fear of death.

I have checked out the pain medically. Nothing showed up; there was no physical cause to explain my experience. In Western medicine, it was untreatable and therefore nonexistent. I am grateful for my own intuition to guide my healing.

In the wee hours of the night when I’m in a heightened state of awareness I enter into conversation with my body. When I say conversation, I’m describing what happens when I notice something that needs my attention.

It's in this moment that I listen to my body. I noticed that something had changed the quality of my pain, and I recognized the change as moving into acceptance. Body listening is noticing in a way that honors what I am experiencing in this moment. Noticing, for me, opens the space and makes room for realization.

The way we respond to pain is a process. Early on when the pain woke me up, I wanted it to go away so I could return to sleep. If I stayed frustrated with being awake I realized that this desire fueled with emotion was shutting down my ability to listen to my small inner voice.

By training myself to connect with my body’s intelligence nightly, I noticed acceptance coming in. Awareness brought an answer in the middle of the night.

The next thing that happened was a message coming into my thoughts. I heard the words, “Crime against humanity, women as chattel.” Next a palatable silence entered my mind and body and the space surrounding me. Then I experienced my body filling with life force. Whatever was blocked began to fill up. Energy filling my inner body is a spontaneous healing.

It’s more important to be open and aware that an experience is taking place rather than it is to label it. When I first began receiving bodywork I discovered if I was afraid of the experience, especially with pain, my fear would shut down my intuition. Accepting that understanding goes beyond language (even as I try to use language to share my own insights!) helps me feel whole.

Looking back over the last few years of mysterous pain, I began to see that I was experiencing “collective pain,” world events that create body symptoms in human beings.

Something was triggered in my body. I started thinking of all the women in the world who identified as being men’s property, who were suffering under ongoing slavery, subjugated by economics. My own womb was carrying a part of the suffering of all mothers for their children.

Though the Nigerian girls’ school kidnapping hadn’t happened a year ago, I see now a connection between “women as chattel” and the contemporary event as a pain trigger. Before this late-night body listening, I had no idea that the Nigerian event was bringing up pain. When I consciously made that connection, the pain went away.

Traumatic events in your community or the greater world can create collective pain in humanity. When you feel strongly about an event, exploring those feelings allows you to address your personal pain and understand it intuitively.

Healing involves an exchange of energy through the principle of giving and receiving. When you consciously decide to seek healing, practicing self love has far reaching benefits of healing self, family and the world. Touch is the vehicle for exchanging this energy through interacting with your whole being.

I keep calling this healing work, but it’s really about becoming whole. “Whole-ing,” not healing. The process of becoming whole requires listening with your body through noticing, honoring and touch.

For me coming into  alignment consistently provides a “resource” for accessing qualities that support balance and wholeness. Feeling your experience within your body is the greatest teacher.

Now through body listening I am proficient in connecting with the sacred in and through the body. My body has taught me to trust my own inner resources of strength, resilience, flexibility and self regulation.

Let me know in the comments below  your ways for connecting with your intuition.

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