recipe for healing insomnia

Over the last two weeks I am grateful for the new levels of physical energy and vitality I feel in my body. It's important to celebrate each breakthrough....small moments of clarity that offer their gifts. You've heard me talk about slowing down to create space for important insights to rise up into awareness. Here is one amazing discovery to share with you. When I want to discover my body's guidance, I ask my body what she needs.

Let's review these 3 steps for making health decisions with your body's guidance: 

  • Slow down to connect with your body.
  • Ask what your body needs or wants.
  • Listen to your body's sensations to interpret "yes" verses "no."

Before I share the "news," let me share my back story. On my 46th birthday my sleep changed. Gone forever were blissful nights of deep restful sleep. As I dragged myself from one doctor's appointment to another collecting bottles of herbal remedies destined for failure, I wasn't coping without good sleep. Being mad at my body faded into frustration, then gradually settled into acceptance.

Fourteen years ago I wasn't able to google my question so I went to experts. My symptom of night heat was first labeled as a hormonal problem, given a diagnosis, prescribed etc. As time went on, "living with it" meant increased chronic inflammation. More questions in search of solutions. How do you lower your stress? How do you have energy for life with insomnia?  CranioSacral supports sleep issues by calming the retictular activation system.

While meditating last week I remembered to ask the question "What does my body want to eat?" Immediately I heard an answer."Dandelions." Thankfully fresh organic dandelion greens are in season. What happened next simply amazed me. I dipped fresh veggies into dandelion pate for dinner. That night I slept for 5 hours straight. What a victory!

Later that week on Facebook this blog title caught my eye. Can't sleep? Eat some bitters!A weak or congested liver often produces hot flashes during 1 to 3 AM  effecting our sleep. If you or someone you know has poor quality sleep, difficulty falling asleep, tossing and turning, waking up easily, can't sleep at all, waking unrested, tell them about bitter greens. Learn more about supporting a sluggish liver here.

Recipe for Dandelion Pate 1/2 cup organic olive oil 1 large grated carrot 1 cup toasted organic walnuts one large handful of dandelion greens, not stems Layer all ingredients in a food processor in this order. I used a small food processor that requires enough liquid to work well. Adjust the carrots to greens to your taste.

Real whole food is medicine. I am now a believer in the instant relief the right food can bring. This glorious weed is the medicine my body so desired to cool the heat that had been waking me up every night between 1 and 3 am. Share this post with friends and family.