Letting Go

Letting go in the body happens when an opening presents itself.

You have access to your deepest challenge's teachings when you honor this truth:  all of your life experiences are stored in your body -- your muscles, tissues, bones and nervous system. 

Right here the very stress, chaos, and tension that twist and weave together rigid protective armor can also let go.

Letting go is a catalyst for letting love in.

As layers of tension are released, your capacity for more self kindness expands.

Life in your body is not linear. 

We experience life in cycles whether they come with illness, age or environmental factors. 

During the hottest months of the year, a recurrent health crisis brings me to my knees.

All I can do is be present with this and only this.

Spiraling through another cycle helps build trust for our deepest self knowing to let go of fear.

One layer after another. 

Until you no longer resist the possibility of -- more pain, more worry, more distress.

Right here you can meet your health.

Unwinding is a dance. Nothing is forced.  

You can unwind the way you currently experience your body.

Right here you are allowing a new level of health to emerge.