How Can CranioSacral Help?


CranioSacral is a gentle massage that relieves pain by balancing physical alignment to restore the nervous system. CST can best be described by sharing a moment from the table during a session with a Parkinson's client.

 When M's body spasmed I held his arm and was led to ask "Do you feel angry?"  In an instant I felt his head morph into a tighter place especially around the eyes. M began CranioSacral Therapy to treat intense eye pain after being prescribed Prednisone. While I guided him to breathe I asked " What do you notice?" M responded that his pain went away while he breathed into the pain.

 We dialogued with his body and uncovered there a lot he was angry about.

 He was angry a doctor told him to take a drug with debilitating side effects which kept him in bed for a month. He was angry he was suffering for nine months. He was angry another doctor told him he needed therapy. And he was angry he didn't know how CranioSacral Therapy could help.

 How can CranioSacral help?

You begin by giving yourself permission to open: first your mind and then your body will follow.

You invest in your health.

You can resolve your body symptoms according to your body’s unique timeframe.

You can learn to observe your body, relax and breathe.

You can believe your body can heal naturally.

Your body's alignment can improve no matter what diagnosis you have.

You can decrease inflammation and muscle tension.

You can learn to self regulate worry and stress.

You can experience your balanced alignment leads to pain free states, more ease of movement, and contentment.

You can trust your body again.

You can explore new mindsets.

You can experience positive results.

Your brain and nervous system can be restored.

When you are stressed you can ask your body, "Am I mad, sad, glad, or scared?" And listen.

 After 6 months of weekly CST, M's mindset shifted from being focused on suffering and the fear of the unknown with a degenerative neurological diagnosis. M has reframed living with Parkinson's according to the benefits he has experienced.

In his own words "CST helps my brain grow new nerve cells."

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