Healing is Your Nature

As I observed this rose open.....  

Delicate coral petals of delight were embraced by ombré shades of beauty.

Look closely to learn that healing is your nature.

Look closely to observe each bud holding tight before opening to express fullness.

When I my body is tightening up  I do not receive the support, energy and health that is here.

I've learned that tightness continues to cycle until the part of me that needs protection feels safe.

This experience that I know so well has it's season, it's owing timing.

In the body a season encourages me to consider this familiar experience as one that will cycle through.

Although body time is on it's own time.

Remember, it's the rose's nature to open from bud to blossom.

It's your body's nature to repeat the cycle of emerging and retreating until you are ready to accept the lesson.

Remember, nature's abundance IS ease.

Ask yourself are you living for growth?

Allow the nature of your body and your health to take it's course.

Spend time in nature this weekend.

Reflect on all the support that is here for your growth.

Ask how can you support yourself...

and expand into new levels of health?

Breathe in the ease that is here.

Holding you powerful in your nature to grow and heal.

I am honored when you comment below.