Healing: A Deeper Change Within

We are all a part of this revolution calling for a deeper change withinour inner and outer worlds.

Black and white thinking is being cleansed, transforming our minds and our bodypsyches as each one of us redefines freedom.

Healing is always available when you follow your own way.

Over these past few weeks of outer unrest, I've stepped into an open space that's boundless.


This shift of states illustrates a deeper release from right or wrong.  I am ready for this polarity to no longer rule my life. Each time I label my experiences as good or bad a part of me remains conditioned by the approval of family, others and world values.

How do I describe my own healing experiences from a detached point of view? I have mindfully observed my own body gradually loose the ability to walk after a concussion that triggered multiple sclerosis. It's been important for me to be neutral living with an autoimmune condition: neither reinforcing difficult moments or building up false hope.

After 18 years of consistent alternative healing practices I am now experiencing a neurological shift. My greatest desire is to walk outside spontaneously when the sun beams through the window. Memories of walking unencumbered are still alive within my body. As they have been waking up I've been thinking....

What is freedom?

Freedom is the unequivocal release from any and all experiences, events, occurrences that have defined who you are and what you believe. It's the journey of being present to observe freedom from the past in each moment. In the present freedom is open space, boundless freedom to move, behave, respond, speak, think from your own inner authority.

Healing is where freedom lives. Within a healing session I witnessed a force so strong it clearly was an expression of embodiment.

  • Is this state about perfect physical alignment?
  • Is it about being released from pain, sadness or depression?
  • Or is it about listening and hearing your own truth?

I believe it's about being witnessed as you are. Acceptance is the ground that is all inclusive.  It is here the force you’ve been seeking is present in and throughout your energy, your aliveness, and health.

This living force is centered in the radiant truth of self.

By "letting go" of the belief that something is wrong you will be set free when you least expect it. A greater part of yourself hears the call often silenced by the mind's self control and the body's self protection.

What you are seeking is calling you home.

Be open, be as free as you are with all of your humanity. Allow yourself time each day to go quiet. Enter the space of your own light. Freedom awaits you.

What you are seeking is here to set you free.

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