Heal emotional pain with these 3 steps

It's human nature to expect pain to spiral out of control or repeat the past. Although you want to heal emotional pain are you avoiding being with your feelings? Distractions can take on many forms. You tell yourself "if only I put other's needs above my own...if only I stay busy I can put off healing until I am ready...if only another person or time will fix this pain...

Your body absorbs all the stresses you’ve experienced since the beginning of your life, and your unique history can support or impede your body’s ability to heal.  That’s why your body suffers at different times. Your ability to self-soothe is based on the relationship with your mother and father. You can learn from them a sense of safety and inner calm — or a sense of panic and incompleteness.

Themes of conflict, victimhood, or beating yourself up live in your body. Being against yourself can go underground with reoccuring symptoms of low energy, fatigue or difficulty sleeping. You may believe that you have moved on from childhood stress or the loss of a parent....yet your body is holding on rather than letting go.

The good news is that no matter how old you are, no matter what your relationship with your parents, you can always biologically access the calmness of  love. This for me is the crux of the CranioSacral experience: rediscovering the peace within.

Heal emotional pain with these three steps. Start slow by reflecting on the one you resonate with.

First:: Bring to mind  your earliest childhood dream or memory. Your earliest memories hold the key for your healing. Hold these treasures closely, listen and as the door to your heart opens.

 Second:: Connect with yourself. Your deepest wounds respond to paying attention to how you feel with pure quiet presence. Remember how you felt when a grandparent made eye contact with you. You can practice this with yourself by bringing your awareness to your heart. As you tune into the rhythm of your heart imagine the eyes of your heart gazing lovingly towards yourself.

Third:: Breathe towards your heart. With open arms embrace your own wounds allowing the tides of healing to wash over you.  Your body can be reassured to heal anything by the presence and safety of love.

Q & A: Which step speaks to you as a healing practice?

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