feel deeper relaxation receiving craniosacral in a zero gravity chair

One year ago I had an epiphany that CranioSacral facilitates a Flow State. During sessions I observed adults feeling a shift from stress to flow after 30 minutes. After being in this field for over three decades, this answered my desire for a simple explanation of "what is CranioSacral." Speaking about being in the flow is relatable versus explaining a healing experience based on osteopathy. You are looking at my Birthday Present to my clients! Now you too can experience my signature flowing CranioSacral Healing in a Zero Gravity chair. I started recommending the Zero Gravity chair for clients who repeatedly tweek their necks by reading in bed. Clients are raving about how amazing the sessions are in the chair.

With my 60th birthday, I am celebrating emergence in all areas of my life. Slowing down has been a gradual process of simplifying my life to experience inner and outer spaciousness. By consistently taking small mindful steps, stronger health and wholeness have emerged. Join me by telling me what you are celebrating with your health this summer.

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