craniosacral heals pain

CranioSacral Healing sees symptoms as the body communicating deeper issues through sensation. When you listen to all the different sensations in your body, you can embrace your whole self with kindness. We are accustomed to dulling or ignoring our pain, yet when we do that, we reject important messages. Pain is part of the world of the body you inhabit. CranioSacral Therapy sessions will experientially open you to experiencing your body in a new way, without judging or fear or exaggeration. Pain is not always a crisis; it is always a message. Instead of ignoring the pain or erasing it temporarily with medication, through slowing down and connecting with your body you will learn to accept it, include it and find out what it is saying.

"Pain" masks various sensations that are calling for your patient attention. When you stay with this intense edge, you can successfully observe your relationship with body change. Now it will be a new relationship with your body, the world you inhabit most closely, instead of a relationship with pain.

Your desire to heal can be supported throughout your daily life with the Healing Energy Retreats. Weekly over the phone, I'm here to guide you breath by breath so you can move towards your pain, in a supported experience of what happens next. My job is to help you with healing energy exercises; being present with you while you are experiencing your body in an extreme state. In this safe supported place, you will be able to discover what comes next and be with it, instead of running away or trying to distract or ignore the pain. Body awareness can mean shifting " intense out of control sensations" towards calming and soothing yourself.

Gently I provide another calm voice as a guide, so you can access another knowing place inside of you that can rise up and join in the conversation so the pain, habit or emotion isn't overpowering you. Over 12 weekly sessions by phone, your language and repertoire of body awareness will grow.

The Healing Energy Retreats maintain the benefit of craniosacral healing or your other body work by practicing healing tools between sessions. Over 12 weeks, your language and repertoire of body awareness will grow. The Healing Energy sessions compliment the connection and calmness of a private craniosacral session.  You're invited to experience a new way of being through co-creating a self fulfilling lifestyle: one that leads you into a fuller relationship with all facets of your body.