craniosacral heals a broken front tooth from a running injury

Kurt is 11 years old and a champion mile runner. He's a calm, zenlike kid with a peaceful temperament. Right now, he's going through a growth spurt, and his body proportions are changing. This helps explain why he miscalculated and ran into his own knee, breaking off a front tooth which then cut through his knee down to the tendon – yikes! Imagine how much force had to be going through his body.  

Luckily, his mother took him to see a dentist and a naturopath the day of the injury. The naturopath knew to refer me, which means Kurt was on my table one day after his trauma. I can't over-emphasize how important that is: an injury heals much more quickly and completely when it hasn't had time to become embedded in the body.

I've now seen Kurt three times for this injury, and worked all over his body. Because he came in so soon, I was able to follow and clear the trauma pattern in his body. With his mom, I saw his body go into deep peaceful sleep, then watched reflexes move throughout his legs and feet. During the each session, I released stored stress from the impact on his jaw and mouth, and set up his body to save his tooth. I'm confident he'll get to keep it and avoid dental trauma.

Because of his calm outward demeanor, I've been surprised by the amount of trauma present in his body. On the outside, after the injury he was limping, compensating for knee pain by walking straight and stiff – as stiff as his upper lip. When he got off table after the third session, he was walking normally: straightening his leg, using a wide range of motion, with no fear of putting weight on the leg. (Naturally, he ran around my office, even though his parents insist on R&R before he returns to sports.) In CranioSacral Healing, pain gets communicated from one part of the body to another and healed in non-obvious places; the nervous system will always find some way to communicate pain when it's not visible to outside observers.

I see many adults who carry a history of trauma because they were simply prescribed rest for childhood injuries. When parents bring children in to clear trauma immediately within 36 hours, they are healed at a deeper level and can move forward more easily and fully in their body – and their life.