Letting Go In Your Body


Letting go in your body is the moment when you open.

The moment when you honor this truth:

All of your life experiences are stored in your body's muscles, tissues, bones, fluids and nervous system.

Right here the very stress, chaos, and tension that weaves together rigid protective armor can let go.

Letting go is a catalyst for letting love in.

Life in your body is not linear.

You experience life in cycles whether they come with illness, age or environmental stress. 

As layers of tension are released, your capacity for more self kindness expands.

When I am in the midst of a health crisis…

my body asks me to be present with this and only this.

Somehow given the choice to keep spiraling or trust your deepest self knowing... 

Keep going. 

Letting go of knowing what, when or why.

Trust grace.

Until you no longer resist the possibility of more pain, worry, or distress.

Right here you can meet your health.

Unwinding everything your body is carrying is a dance.

Nothing is forced. 

You can unwind the way you currently experience your body.

Right here you can welcome the hidden gift to emerge.


Calm Your Body

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When the world's chaos is too much and I don't know what to do, I listen with my body. Feeling my heart beating brings comfort to my soft body. Listening into this familiar cadence helps me rest deeper.

A CranioSacral session begins with listening with all of your body's sensations good or bad. When your pain is witnessed and held, healing is possible. My hands and heart support your body's painful sensations until they crest into gentle flowing waves of relief. As you are held blocks begin opening, allowing muscular tension to melt while calming the nervous system. Quieting your mind and expanding your heart renews your connection to your body and health. 

an invitation

My desire for you is to be empowered to heal your body. If my work resonates with you, we can work together.  Remember your willingness to surrender and receive will usher in softness, connection and peace. 

craniosacral therapy

CranioSacral Therapy resets your nervous system renewing your capacity to heal and dwell in wholeness. When we work together, you will receive my new Body Healing Practices eworkbookfilled with empowering self care tools. Get a free chapter below.


"Today I experienced somatically what it means to surrender. Barbara brought my attention to a gentle rocking movement that was happening in my body and guided me into an experience of connecting my pain to my heart and the heart of the earth/universe. It was beautiful. It was a profound shift for me to literally feel the heart of the earth/universe and mine seemingly flowing as one. We are not alone. It is only a matter of allowing, letting what is be, breathing, and deeply trusting. Profound. Thank you Barbara." -- C.W.


Connect With Your Heart

Join your heart with your pain for your heart is filled with potential. Remember you bring everything into this moment --your heartaches and your joy -- for you are whole. Your health is always present for you are not broken -- there is nothing to fix.

All you need to be present is within you.  Connection with yourself is the ground where you can be with both your pain and your ever present health. When you connect with your heart, you are leaning into the next step of your journey without knowing all the information you believe you need.

Somehow early in life fear ruled everything. Do you repeat your parent's fears passed on with the responsibility of adulthood? with the shame of mistakes? or feeling burdened with health challenges?

When all of this is too much for one body to carry what are your choices? To recoil, contract and stay small to protect the heart. Or to connect with your heart's radiance.

When you breathe into your heart you connect with the ever present energy field that expands outward from your midline.  You connect with your heart's ability to soothe away your pain. When you touch your potential -- hope is realized.

Now turn to that small voice within and say, "fear not, my sweet friend, you are filled with potential."

Feel balanced and grounded with my guided Body Healing Meditation recordings or once a month live on Saturday, July 9th.

A Pain In The Neck

You expect a lot from your neck. You want to be able to turn your head and neck freely to drive, or rest your head on someone's shoulder for support, or focus in one position when you're working on the computer. If you're living life you’ve probably felt neck pain.

Since Western society honors the mind and logic above all else, we have been conditioned to push through — to ignore that the body is smart. Instead we have kept our minds and bodies separate. One of my colleagues names separateness as the basic of disease. Healing is a return to oneness.

Your body continually communicates emotions through sensations. Your neck will immediately feel tight, kinked, or twisted to get your attention. Do you listen and respond? Or do you push through? Maybe you begin wondering what caused the kink? We usually start analyzing our sleep and examining the pillow, bed or couch before we look further.

Our necks and our voices are avenues of expression that communicate our thoughts and our emotional experiences.  

Observe your language. Are you describing your experience with any of these?
I'm spacey....distracted....can't focus.
I just erupted. I don't understand where this came from.
I can't tolerate being a passenger in the car.
I'm exhausted. I’m not getting anything done.
Tylenol isn't taking the edge off.
It's been days now and my body won't relax.

All of this is code for the mind body connection.
Your words communicate the universal feelings of neck discomfort .

Check in with your body right now. Scan your body from your head down to your feet. How does your neck feel?

Test drive my body scan tool. BE centered and grounded in 3 minutes here.

Your pain is a gateway back to health

B&W Self.jpg

It's human to be fixated on what you’ve lost. 

Pain can keep you down or be the fuel to wake you up.

Healing is the willingness to observe yourself right here in the present

without an agenda to change anything.

Disarm the one within that believes she knows what's next.

Right here in your body, your whole self is met as you are.

Your health never leaves. It’s always alive in your body.

Are you willing to use your pain as a gateway back to health?

CranioSacral communicates with your original health present in your cerebral spinal fluids.

Your body's fluids are self organizing and self healing.

By shifting your focus onto your health, your own fluids can flow uninterrupted to nourish your nervous system.

In the midst of a great pain, I found my way back to health

by placing my hands on my soft warm body

listening to my breath.

Some teachers will tell you this heals trauma. This is true.

When you are willing to hold yourself as you are your health comes to meet you.

It’s your animal nature to lie close to another -- to hear your breath, feel your warmth,

to connect with love.

Begin with yourself. Feel your warmth. 

Hold your own heart, the great balancer and connector with your fluidity.

Give yourself time, as long as you need.

Give up all ideas on how to surrender.

What's next may not be visible until you exhaust all choices.

Wait. You will let go.

Here you will receive your own gifts.

Protect this liminal space where new growth is waiting to be born.

I held myself...

I waited....

The teacher came.

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