Calm Your Body

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When the world's chaos is too much and I don't know what to do, I listen with my body. Feeling my heart beating brings comfort to my soft body. Listening into this familiar cadence helps me rest deeper.

A CranioSacral session begins with listening with all of your body's sensations good or bad. When your pain is witnessed and held, healing is possible. My hands and heart support your body's painful sensations until they crest into gentle flowing waves of relief. As you are held blocks begin opening, allowing muscular tension to melt while calming the nervous system. Quieting your mind and expanding your heart renews your connection to your body and health. 

an invitation

My desire for you is to be empowered to heal your body. If my work resonates with you, we can work together.  Remember your willingness to surrender and receive will usher in softness, connection and peace. 

craniosacral therapy

CranioSacral Therapy resets your nervous system renewing your capacity to heal and dwell in wholeness. When we work together, you will receive my new Body Healing Practices eworkbookfilled with empowering self care tools. Get a free chapter below.


"Today I experienced somatically what it means to surrender. Barbara brought my attention to a gentle rocking movement that was happening in my body and guided me into an experience of connecting my pain to my heart and the heart of the earth/universe. It was beautiful. It was a profound shift for me to literally feel the heart of the earth/universe and mine seemingly flowing as one. We are not alone. It is only a matter of allowing, letting what is be, breathing, and deeply trusting. Profound. Thank you Barbara." -- C.W.